Saturday, 30 June 2012

Return of the (Mrs) Mac

Hello... How are you?

Well, after 3 months, I have finally pulled my shizz together and worked out what I'm doing with the blog. Well done if you're even still a follower!

After lots of in-my-head-blog thoughts and a very short debate on Twitter, I have decided to take the blog in a more 'general' direction and lose the makeup specialism. That's not to say there won't be makeup posts, but they will be interspersed with others. Mostly cupcake posts I imagine. Baking is about the only other thing I'm good at!

Anyway, here's some pics of what I've been up to recently and a taster of what's to come... Nice to see you again! x

Kenwood kMix. This purchase has changed my life. For rizzle.


I grew some garlic in my vegetable patch


I have baked a lot of cupcakes



I have purchased a pink Pashley Poppy. It arrives 25th July and I am beyond excited

Finally got a bit of a stamp on our house. It was all cream before. even the floors


am in full wedding season swing


At various points, have consumed red, delicious cider


Have begun my quest for the perfect french macaron.