Sunday, 29 August 2010

Blue Wash Eyes, Fresh Skin Look

List of products used coming up! Sam is so ridiculously gorgeous and her skin did not need much (if anything really) to even it out. I think the sun bleached the blue in the eyes a little, as it was much less pastelly than it looks here... anyhoo!


Chanel Pro Lumiere

Benefit Coralista


MAC Omega in the brows

MAC Brulee all over the lid

MAC 'Freshwater' (I think! sorry, I didn't write it down. It might have been shimmermoss... It was a gorgeous turqouise blue anyway). I washed it over the whole lid using a MAC 227)

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara


This was a Clinique gloss, no lippie underneath. I'm not sure of the name, but it was a fairly genericy shimmery pinky orangey gloss!

Sorry that list of products was fairly useless!!

A x

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Black Liner/Pink Lip Look Products

One of my readers asked for a note of the products of some of the looks I completed at MUSE a couple of weeks ago....


Chanel Pro Lumiere

Make Up Forever HD Powder

MAC Dollymix

Chanel Bronze Universel


MAC Omega e/s in the brows

Clinique Gel Liner Black

MAC Painterly Paint Pot all over the lid

MAC No7 Lashes


MAC Currant Lip Liner

OCC Lip Tar in 'Demure' (I think that was the colour!)

I am def going to pick up some Lip Tars! They are super awesome!

A xx

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Bodyshop Lip & Cheek Stain - InStyle Magazine

Ok, I am cheating slightly over the next few weeks as I have roped in a guest writer. Well, lets give a warm welcome to Lisa!
(she will kill me for putting this up...)

Lisa and I have been friends for about 3-4 years and I clearly remember one of the very first things I said to her... "you have amazing skin, what foundation do you use?" I hold Lisa solely responsible for my addiction to QVC as it turned out what she was wearing that day was Bare Minerals!

Anyway! This will hopefully be the first of many for Lisa doing a guest spot! Hope you enjoy! x


Hey I’m Lisa. I’m obsessed with beauty products. But that’s okay, ‘cos so is Amanda.....

Mrs McLennan asked me if I’d like to provide a couple of blog posts she could use whist she’s off on her very glamorous and extravagant honeymoon and of course I leapt at the chance. Well, I say leapt, actually I panicked a bit, as Amanda has big shoes to fill - but very pretty shoes with killer heels ;-) Anyway, I’ve had a think about my current favourite product and done a wee review for you. Hope this helps to ease the pain of Amanda’s absence ever so slightly. So here they come ladies...

Bodyshop Cheek and Lip Stain & InStyle Magazine

This was an awesome freebie from InStyle magazine, September 2010 edition – available right now! It comes in two colours: an iridescent bronze (which was a bit too sparkly for me) and a more traditional deep rose pink, (which I reached for, and would equate with the Benefit 'Benetint'). How do you apply? It’s so easy, you just dot onto your cheeks and then blend up and toward your ear with a finger, or damp sponge. For a seamless finish, I like to blend around the application with my foundation brush, which still has the remaining scraps of foundation on it (top tip from Pixiwoo!)

This product is also excellent if you want to create an extra long lasting cheek colour; simply apply the tint and then once dry layer your regular pinky blush on top (I favour MAC's 'Dolly Mix').

So how does it compare with its famous Benefit counterpart? Well, personally I prefer the consistency of the Body Shop version. It's slightly more gel-like, and much easier to blend as it doesn't dry into your skin so quickly. As with the Benetint it gives a radiant 'lit from within’ pinky flush, but I actually prefer the body shop version in terms of the colour - it just looks a little more natural (not quite so 'beetrooty' if you know what I mean...) . So is it worth a try?'s free (and worth £9.50), and surely you can't say fairer than that :)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chocolate Free Zone!

A year ago today, I bet myself that I wouldn't last a week without chocolate. 365 days later, here I am not having eaten the stuff for a year and I'm still alive!

I can't say it's always been easy! There's been sometimes when all I've wanted to do is chow down on a bar of galaxy, toblerone, mars bar, dairy mi...mmmmmm where was I??
I really don't miss it now, especially when I considered the perks! My skin looks better than ever, my headaches have gone and I'm generally a bit brighter when I don't eat Snickers for breakfast! I also lost 15lbs in the first 6 weeks of giving up too, it was dramatic!
Anyway, for anyone maybe thinking about challenging themselves, give it a go! Let me know how you get on... !

A xx

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Beauty Blogging Blonde is on Holiday...

Hi guys,

Just a quickie to say byeeee! I get married on Friday and then I'm away for a few weeks sunning myself.
There are posts scheduled and comments will still be open, but I may not be able to respond as quickly as normal.
Keep your eyes peeled for early snaps of my makeup on the day as my MUA is Katy from makeupbykaty who is coming all the way to Aberdeen just to beautify me!
Things to look forward to when I return is the start of my YouTube video (hopefully!!) and much more actual makeup posts!
See you soon, next time I'll be a Mrs!!
A xx

Monday, 16 August 2010

FashionFace.TV Course YouTube Vid...

Check out the short Pixiwoo vid summing up the course I was on...

10 points if you can spot me!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Suqqu Waterproof Eyebrown Pen

Hello there!
You may have seen this product review by Tanya at Pixi2woo on YouTube. I did and thought it looked too good to be true! A waterproof eyebrow pen? One that wont slide off in the summer, when we're all a bit 'glossier', or when swimming? Nah...
The fact that my eyebrows are naturally invisible (making me look slightly alien-esque) coupled with the fact that I have a trip to Hawaii next week, I thought I'd give it a go in the vain hope I could look less alien and more groomed beach goddess in my bikini!

Flipping heck! This product is just down right awesome! I went for the lighter colour. It's actually a real soft ashy, light brown, perfect for natural blonde like me. I didn't try the other colour (01 Green and I hear that does have a slight greeny tint). The 'felt tip' pen style of it, means I can literally draw individual hairs in, giving me a much more natural look than pencils, which can look a bit 'blocky'.
And by jove it's waterproof! Unless you specifically remove it with a good makeup remover, it aint gonna budge! This is definitely coming on holiday and I am going to be stocking up on spares!
- This cost £18 at the Suqqu counter, Selfridges Oxford Street
- I paid for it myself!
- Apparently, for those who are wondering and don't want to ask... Suqqu is pronounced 'sookwoo' (according to the counter lady, who should know best really!)
** It's my wedding next week and then I'm off on my travels for a few weeks, so posts will be few and far between! Please don't abandon me! Normal service shall resume in a few weeks!
A xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010

More Pics from MU Course


Just a few more snaps of work I did at last week's FashionFace.TV Makeup course...

1920's Period Look
(poor Rachel had her eyebrows glued down!)

See more snaps here, on Pixiwoo's blog and see what Mizz Worthy got up to the week after me! Also keep your eyes peeled on Pixiwoo's YouTube channel for some vids of the fortnight

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

FashionFace.TV Makeup Course

Hi Guys!

If you follow me on Twitter (if you dont, you should!), then I'm sure you'll know that last week I was in London for the FashionFace.TV/MUSE week long intensive makeup artistry course, being taught by Sam & Nic Chapman (Pixiwoo) and a surprise guest appearance by Tanya Burr!

The course itself was awesome - Sam and Nic took the time to find out why each person was there and practically tailored each person's tuition depending on their needs, abilities etc. There was a good mix of talent, abilities and everyone was super friendly - I just wish I could've stayed for the 2nd week!

I've learned so much and can't thank the girls enough for the time they spent with me. I am waiting on the bulk of the photos being processed of the actual work I did, but until then, you can feast your eyes on these few snaps!

Orchid Dream Gloss Stick - Blue Dahlia Collection FOTD

For me, the pièce de résistance from the new Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia collection, has got to be the Gloss Stick in Orchid Dream.

The colour is beautiful - a real deep pink, with the faintest hints of blue coming through and gentle shimmer throughout. It's not quite a lippie - it's much softer and sheer than any lipstick, but the colour pay-off is way deeper than a traditional lipgloss. It's buttery soft to apply and is super moisturising.
This shade is limited edition, so I am already planning to pick up a back up!
And here's today's FOTD using Orchid Dream!

Hope you like it!
A x
* I received this for review purposes

Monday, 2 August 2010

Estee Lauder Blue Dahlia Pure Colour Collection - Preview

I was lucky enough to receive some of the new collection from Estee Lauder; the Blue Dahlia Pure Colour Collection by Tom Pecheux. The collection is made up of an array of stunning, soft, sophisticated colours and textures, including gorgeous eyeshadow palettes, lipglosses and nail varnishes.

I'm going to work on a few FOTDs over the next couple of weeks using these products, so more details to follow soon! One of the standout products so far for me though has to be without a doubt, the Pure Colour Gloss Stick in Orchid Dream - I have been wearing this non-stop for weeks now and will definitely be stocking up once this collection is available August 2010.