Saturday, 31 July 2010

WEN Hair Care - Review


I recently received a pile of goodies from the lovely people over at WEN Hair Care, including one of the core products; the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. Now, I haven't really had many problems with my hair. It can be a bit fine and fly away, dry-ish and tangly, but in the grand scheme of things, I think I've gotten pretty lucky with my hair. When I discovered purple shampoo at LUSH, I thought I would never look for another product!

However, when it arrived, I promptly hopped in the shower and I opened the bottle of conditioner with trepidation; how could I justify chucking a pile of thick creamy conditioner on my head and expect it to clean my hair??

"The WEN® Cleansing Conditioner is special because it cleanses hair thoroughly but without lathering and all the harsh ingredients that may be found in ordinary shampoos - it is designed so it won’t strip your hair and scalp of their natural oils. Your hair is left with sheen, moisture and manageability." (from the website)

There are no laureth sulphates, so it's kind to your hair and because it's a cream that you smooth through your locks, there is no rubbing or scrubbing to work up a lather. It's fresh because of the sweet almondy minty smell and the conditioner is light.

So did it work? Take a look for yourself! This pic was taken just a few days after starting using it. Blonde hair isn't really known for having a shine, but this day my hair was practically glowing!

I've been using it every day for a few weeks now and not once has it left my hair dull, greasy or anything other than lovely and manageable! It has body at the roots and is so soft when I leave it straight, or a I chuck in some of the Texture Balm for a more 'rolled out of bed' look.

I am loving this stuff! My mum is currently trialling the 'Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment' for me as she has very thick, dry hair, so will let you know how she gets on soon. Check out more of the products here

A xx

MAC for Rodarte - Update

Hi guys,
sorry for the lack of posts recently; I've been back in London but this time I spent a week learning from the fabulously talented Sam and Nic from FashionFace.TV (you probably know them as Pixiwoo!). More on that to come soon...
As I'm a few days late in updating on the whole MAC/Rodarte issue, I'm not going to do a big post, but I felt I had to do put something up. Basically MAC have now committed to donating all of the profits from the MAC for Rodarte collection to helping the women of Juarez. If you want to read more, including statements from MAC and Rodarte, please check out Mizz Worthy's post...
This has been a very sorry story from the start and there are no victories to be had. However, I hope that brands will learn that consumers (and not just within the beauty community) are becoming increasingly discerning and aware of where their consumables are coming from and that we wont just bend over and take it. Ultimately though, I hope that the cash MAC donates can make a difference to the lives of these women.

A xx

Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC for Rodarte

It's not very often I feel sickened in the way I feel tonight. Let me explain...

A few days ago, I was reading US Vogue and was surprised to see a letter from a reader, outraged by the feature on Rodarte's A/W 2010 line, which was allegedly inspired by the Texan landscape. Weird, I thought, why is she that bothered? Reading on, it became clear that part of that landscape includes the Mexican border city of Juarez. The reader alluded to the female homicides and other atrocities that have become part of daily life in the city and suggested the collection was in sincere bad taste.

Imagine my absolute horror to read tonight that this bad taste has been sponsored by one of our favourite cosmetic brands. MAC and Rodarte have joined forces to create a make-up line inspired by the city, with products called Ghost Town and Sleepwalker.

Juarez is a town stricken with gun and gang crime, where women live in constant fear of being raped, tortured, kidnapped, mutilated and murdered. The rise of maquilladoras (factories), draws thousands of girls looking for work, albeit dangerous and poorly paid work. Imagine having to produce a used tampon to your boss, once a month to prove you're not pregnant, in a bid to keep your job. I'm not going to elaborate here any further on this as you can choose to read further here, if you wish.

The fact is, MAC have signed their name to, and developed a range of products that are, in effect, designed to replicate the gaunt, ill, despairing asthetic of these poor, poor women. I'm fairly certain MAC would not ever admit that's the purpose of the products, but you only need to see a few to see that is surely what they were aiming for....

MAC is a brand that women of all ages, races, colours and backgrounds look to for edgy, awesome cosmetics with a cool story behind them. Forgive me MAC, but modelling your range on women who risk their lives everyday to a weekly wage that wouldn't even buy one of your lipsticks, is without a doubt, absolutely disgusting. Ladies, any of you have daughters?? Interested to read that one of the products is named Quinceanera a latin term for a girl 'coming of age'?

I'm not going to tell you not to buy the range, if MAC decide to press ahead and actually sell it. But I hope you can read this and all these other blogs who have taken exception to this vile commercialism of destitution before hitting your nearest MAC store and creating another MAC epic sell-out range. If I haven't yet convinced you that passing on your hard-earned money to MAC for a product from this range would be criminal, you might be further interested to hear that MAC have suggested, in a statement released by them, that they will donate a portion of the proceeds from this collection. A portion?????????

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Thursday, 15 July 2010

YSL 'aquaresistant' waterproof mascara

I seem to have a thing for blue, waterproof eye products at the moment!
If you coloured mascara, but struggle to find one with a payoff as bright as you expect, then you have got to check out this range... YSL Aquaresistant Waterproof Mascara
I bought this in Blue Lagoon and look at the colour! It's gorgeous! The brush is quite big and it's a brushy brush instead of a plasticy spiky brush which I really detest. The waterproofness is great - no smudging under the eyes and stays true all day.

This is just one coat with no base
They have a wide variety of colours, including a lovely plum-y purple-y colour and a really rich dark blue. Mine cost £21 and I love it!
A x

Friday, 9 July 2010

Liquidlast Eyeliner by MAC

Put your hand up if you find your eyeliner transfers to your browbone about 20 minutes after applying it...
MAC have amazing eyeliners and I've found the Liquidlast to be the most non-budge I've ever tried. This does exactly what it says on the tin; it doesn't flake, it doesn't smudge, it's highly pigmented and you can get the most precise line with it.
The first time I tried this, I just whacked some on to see how it applied (so easily btw). A wee while later, I washed my face and eyes as normal, with Philosophy Purity and went off to bed without looking in the mirror. It wasn't until about 12 hours later, when I got up the following morning and looked in the mirror did I realise that it was still entirely intact across my lashline - it hadn't even started to crumble, peel or smudge!
They definitely require a good heavy duty oil based cleanser to remove them without having to scrub at your eye - you could try the Clinique 'Take the Day Off'.
So if you have oily lids and are looking for a super waterproof liner, want something that you can wear on the beach or simply just want one that lasts all day (and night!) long, get yourself to MAC and pick up one of these babies for about £13, although I bought mine for £11 I think at the airport.



Friday, 2 July 2010

Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pens

Did I mention that I'd been to London recently?...

Stumbling across the Pixi store just off Carnaby Street, I squealed and ran in, credit card at the ready! Actually, felt fairly overwhelmed as was completely unprepared and had no idea what to get!

I ended up picking up a 'Petal Jam' lip balm and one of Pixi's Endless Silky Eye Pens. What caught my eye first was the amazing colour of the tester they had out - No 6 True Teal. I gave it a customary swipe on the back of my hand and trotted off to the till.

It wasn't until I got it back to the hotel and tried it on my eyes that I discovered how bloody amazing it is!! This glides on softer than silk - it doesn't pull or drag on the skin and unlike a liquid, there's no streaking, running or blobbing. Within a few seconds it was stuck fast and waterproof. The colour is simply fabulous, making my pale blue eyes look so deep and blue. The line didn't budge all night, no smudging, smearing or transfer onto the top of my lid.

Can I just say also that the customer service I received was downright superb! I wish I'd gotten the girls name, but she was so helpful, friendly and ridiculously beautiful!

This 'pencil' goes straight into my HG pile and I will definitely be buying more!

A xx