Saturday, 31 July 2010

MAC for Rodarte - Update

Hi guys,
sorry for the lack of posts recently; I've been back in London but this time I spent a week learning from the fabulously talented Sam and Nic from FashionFace.TV (you probably know them as Pixiwoo!). More on that to come soon...
As I'm a few days late in updating on the whole MAC/Rodarte issue, I'm not going to do a big post, but I felt I had to do put something up. Basically MAC have now committed to donating all of the profits from the MAC for Rodarte collection to helping the women of Juarez. If you want to read more, including statements from MAC and Rodarte, please check out Mizz Worthy's post...
This has been a very sorry story from the start and there are no victories to be had. However, I hope that brands will learn that consumers (and not just within the beauty community) are becoming increasingly discerning and aware of where their consumables are coming from and that we wont just bend over and take it. Ultimately though, I hope that the cash MAC donates can make a difference to the lives of these women.

A xx

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