Thursday, 14 April 2011

Scottish Ballet Presents... Alice!

I loved loved loved the Scottish Ballet production of Cinderella which I went to see in January. I am triply excited for Saturday which will see me hop on the train at 6.33am (!!!!) & head for Glasgow for the latest offering; Alice. Based, quite obviously, on the story of Alice in Wonderland, the visuals promise yet another stunning whirlwind of elegant costumes, colours and amazing hair & makeup.

Aside from the Ballet, there are a host of other little treats in store for me which I will report back on next week. I am also very much looking forward to catching up with my girls Kirsten at Saskia The Style Fairy and Ann from Girl in The City Glasgow (who is responsible for organising this entire event). I am also v. excited to meet Kirsty from 44 Sunsets - a blog I read solely for her unique awesome writing style. (I am also very excited to meet all the other bloggers who will be there too, but so many to mention!)

Hopefully from next week, I will be able to get back into blogging - I have been so busy recently that unfortunately my blog has taken a bit of a back seat. This can't do & I hope things will get back on track soon! Until then, enjoy some snaps from Alice!

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