Thursday, 9 June 2011

NARS Dogon

I am about 4 and a half weeks behind blogosphere with this particular purchase. I had been keeping an eye on the various posts that had been popping up here, there and every-bloody-where, trying to make up my mind if I really *needed* it. Turns out yes, yes I did.


This is NARS Dogon (apparently pronounced doh-gone). A limited edition eyeshadow duo, consisting of a duochrome taupe shade, a lighter version of MAC's Club and a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous matte navy blue black.

This is my 2nd only ever NARS purchase (I KNOW!!). I trawl the counters every time I'm in Selfridges or House of Fraser, but there really is nothing that ever takes me fancy. I can appreciate the gorgeousness of the eyeshadows, the lure of the 'orgasm' and the delights of Laguna, but I have just never really taken the plunge.



I'm glad I listened to my heart on this one. It has been love at first sight. I love the packaging - it feels weighty & substantial. I love the size of the shadows. Most importantly, I love the colours!

The colour on the left is really like Club - from the brown/taupe overtones to the chocolate/green duochrome. The swatch on my hand below is the same finger swipe of colour, but my hand is tilted in & out of the light and you can really see the complexities of this shadow.


Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 21.10.41

On the right is the darker shade, a stunning matte blue-black. It looks fab blended into the taupe and it transforms from a blue-black into an amazing, only-seen-on-the-feathers-of-tropical-birds electric greeeny-blue loveliness. I am crap at describing things.


And this is it. Love.


This was £23.50 from Selfridges. It is limited edition, so I can't say how long it will be around for. So, just buy it. go on, you wont regret it!


  1. I am going to have to go and check this out now. Looks amazing. x

  2. i want the taupe shade! will have to see if that comes alone :D gorgeous


  3. Ahhh.... this looks ah-mazing! You enabler, you! haha I definitely DON'T need anymore eyeshadows.... but.... look how pretty!!! xo

  4. this looks beautiful! love the dark shade. I’m yet to make my first nars purchase!

  5. wow this looks really lovely. x