Friday, 22 July 2011

GlossyBox July


There has been a lot of mixed reviews of GlossyBox over the last few weeks. They completely out-did themselves in the first box, with the full-size NARS product. In the 2nd box, there were no full-size products and one of the samples was Batiste. In this box, there are a few full-size products (depending on which box you get) but also a slightly bizarre, passive-aggressive note from GlossyBox...

"The products you receive this month pack quite a punch... Please do remember that GlossyBox is a luxury sample and product miniature subscription service. Whenever possible, we are happy to place full-sizes in GlossyBox. We hope you appreciate it when you receive them, without expecting it to be a regular feature"

(Does this remind anyone else of the email that will sent around an entire office reminding everyone that putting a non-recyclable item into the recycle bin is against company policy, when one person does it?)

Soo. Yes, they totally have a point. In fact, they probably would be better off had they not included the NARS in the first box! I think some people have slightly over-raised expectations of what GlossyBox will deliver. Whilst it would be lovely to receive a box of current, popular products each month, it's just not realistic. And anyway, the reason I signed up in the first place was to have a reasonably priced way of accessing products I would never have tried! So, if that's what you want, go ahead & sign up. If, what you are hoping for, is a box of Illamasqua, NARS, MAC etc each month, then don't. You'll be disappointed, which is not GlossyBox's fault!

*side note to GlossyBox - your note kinda pissed me off!

Right! Onto this month's contents! I am mega-delighted this month, probably even more so than May's box. Boxes are starting to be tailored to individual preferences, so boxes do differ from person to person.


In mine, there is...

1: Ciate Nail Polish in Beach Melba (full size)
2: Etat Libre Eau De Parfum (sample size)
3: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Conquer (full size)
4: Weleda Pomegranate Body Oil (full size)
5: Xen-Tan Deep Bronze Luxe (sample size)


The stand-outs for me this month are (and it is complete coincidence that they are the 3 full-size products!)...

This smells absolutely divine & feels amazing on the skin. I've never tried Weleda before, but I adore body oils, so I am delighted to have been introduced to a new brand! This is a 100ml bottle which retails for £19.95!

Illamasqua is a firm favourite brand of mine, so regardless of what product of theirs was included, I'd be happy. I particularly love this colour & is one I would have bought for myself. RRP is £15.50



I'm not Ciate's biggest fan but I really like the look of this colour & hopefully this shade will change my mind! RRP is £9

Those paying attention will have already noted that the 3 products above have a total retail value of £44.45!! So, in my opinion, GlossyBox is a winner for another month. I will be remaining subbed.

Have you subscribed? Have you cancelled your subscription? What did you think of this month's?

A x


  1. Totally agree with your post. I think a lot of people sometimes expect too much. All the items are meant to be tasters of products which may help you discover new brands etc. Basing it totally on well known brands wouldn't be fair and part of the idea. This months GlossyBox was fab though! x

  2. I wish GlossyBox was available in the US. Birchbox has been disappointing for the most part.

  3. I haven't gotten my box yet, but I totally agree! That note is pissing me off and I haven't even gotten it! If they put emphasis on LUXURY samples, then DAMN PUT LUXURY SAMPLES IN THE BOX! Don't include Batiste and then come back saying how people shouldn't expect full size products in every box. Well.... does that mean we can't expect luxury products either?

    LOL sorry for the rant, maybe I should have saved it for my review but it made me feel better :) I still can't wait for my box, hope it arrives tomorrow!

  4. I really couldn't have put what you said better myself. I firmly believe people do expect too much. Especially, when you look at what people receive in their Birchbox which our box is compared to - they actually do get sample sizes and sometimes even food samples like health bars. Can you actually imagine the reaction here if Glossybox did that!? I am very happy with my box, it's quite different to yours. I love the colour of your Ciate nail polish!

  5. Phwoar, look at the colour of that Illamasqua pigment! Absolutely GORGEOUS. This box looks like it was great value for money this month, pretty sure the any of the full sized products on their own pays for itself, compared to the cost of the box!

  6. I like you think this months box was fab!! We got the same :)) I cant weait to see if they live up to this months next...


  7. People definitely expect too much but i feel that is the companies own fault; they target the box as 'luxury samples' but then send out full sized products which aren't a sample size...theyre giving mixed descriptions about the contents of the box and so expectations are being raised. I won't be signing up for it still but I like to see what everyone gets! You got quite a good box compared to some others!