Monday, 16 January 2012

Pink Birthday Manicure

Another trip to Preen Beauty in Aberdeen for my fortnightly manicure and I went for something way out of my comfort zone, but I am loving it!! My NY wardrobe has a bit of a colour blocking theme going on, so figured rather than plump for my standard black gel manicure, I'd rock out some neon digits! For those who also have bio-sculpture gels done, this is shade 89.

My nails are marginally shorter than normal as I very sadly ripped one of my nails yesterday, but they grow quick.



I would say the tone in this pic is truest to how they look in person



Gel manicures typically last 2-3 weeks and can really help nails that are in poor condition, provided you care for them properly. They are light years beyond the old acrylic style manicures, which were like cement. The bio-sculpture gel is soft (so your nail isn't brittle/rock hard) but very tough. If removed properly (by soaking & gently pushing the softened gel off the nail), then there will be no damage to your nail underneath. My nails are always in much better condition following a few weeks under gels; less splitting, peeling and generally no breaking (this sad wee one this week was due to a pair of too-tight jeans!).

A xx


  1. These looks gorgeous, love the colour x

  2. Wow, I love the colour! It reminds me of summer. :) x

  3. Such a pretty colour! I love it.
    Carissa xx

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  4. Beautyful color! my birthday is this friday so I have to start thinking what manicure... and make-up I want to wear that day! I am so nervious!! hehehe take care and I am glad you had a great time!

  5. wow, i had never heard of this before, though, admittedly, i am not a nail salon type of lady. i always do it at home to save some bucks, or convince my sister (an artist, and a former nail technician) to help me out!

  6. Much love,
    "Keep up your posts :)!!