Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Jewel-ly Eyes inspired by Rae Morris

One of the pictures in the 'Eyes' section of Makeup, The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris (I can't post the pic in case of copyright rules) totally captured my imagination last week and below is what I created using the pic as inspiration. The picture in the book is of a beautifully bronzed model with purple, pink and turquoise-y blue eye makeup and it's stunning.

I am a bit browner in the pic due to a combination of proper suntan and a little Benefit One Hot Minute Bronzer.

Other products used included the Purple, Pink and Blue glitter eyeliners by Sleek Makeup and the Acid I-Divine eyeshadow palette, with lashings of Benefit Bad Gal lash to make my lashes spiky as if they were wet.