Monday, 19 April 2010

Mini Mondays... Coco Beau

I had planned on doing a full on creative FOTD today inspired by Rae Morris, but my skin is having a freak-out at the moment and don't really want to be messing about with it too much as I'm hoping it will calm down soon. So... I thought I would do a new mini series called Mini Mondays. Everyone hates Mondays anyway so 'Mini Mondays' will be short and sweet!
Today is basically just to show off about the fact that the lovely peeps at Coco Beau have decided to put me up as a 'model' (trust me, I use the term loosely!!) on their customer gallery, which contains pics of lots of lovely girlies modelling the products they have purchased.
If you select a product, click on 'more images' and then use 'next' in the top corner and that will take you through all the customer pics for that product. So, my dreams of being famous are slowly being realised!!
Anyway, this is supposed to be mini so I'll stop now. But not before I entice you back later this week with a look at my Ellis Faas lippie... The packaging alone is simply divine and I can't wait to try out the product properly! Pics up in a couple of days!
Love A x


  1. Aw, I like the idea of Mini Mondays :)

  2. I nominated you for a blog award! :)