Thursday, 3 March 2011

How Much Is My Face Worth?! (TAG)

I have just been catching up on my blogroll and I am loving this tag which is new to me: How Much is Your Face Worth?

See here and here for some inspiration...

I have a rough idea of how much my entire pro kit is worth if it had to be replaced, but I don't really keep an eye on my own personal makeup. I've chosen my favourite daytime look products, including skincare...

Ok, I'm really scared to look! The total is... (*peeks from behind a cushion*) £337.79!!!!!!!!! OMG!! I am actually a little ashamed!

If I take the Rodial Eye Cream out, as I didn't buy that myself, it takes it down to £245.79, but still!!

*goes for a lie down in a dark room and thinks of ways to prevent husband seeing this post*

I tag you all to do the same, comment here and leave me links to your posts so I can feel better about myself!


  1. Well hun you've made me feel better about my total now :P

    It's quite scary really totalling it all up.. and I didn't include skincare in mine either. (yikes)

  2. Here's a link to my version of this tag :)

    I'm afraid it's not going to help you feel better about yourself though :S


  3. Oh Boy! Actually I wrote an article about that for an online magazine, a few years ago, titled "the price of our beauty". Back then I wasn't into makeup as I am now, I had calculated that I was spending 600€ per year for all my beauty products and routines, including hair stylist.
    Now I sometimes spend that amount within a few weeks :s I'd rather not know how much my collection is worth!

  4. Oh my!
    Mine is worth £247.30 lol

  5. How much is all your makeup worth? That would be scary to add up!
    Stacie @kawaiinailart

  6. Ouch lol!! I did pretty good actually, around £70! :) x

  7. oooo! a lot more than I expected!! but won’t make you feel better i’m afraid!

  8. HI! you'll have to go with the 'cost per wear' formula!! I'm sure fashion maths can be applied to make up too :)
    On that note my face was actually worth far in excess of the clothes i wore to work yesterday - I was dressed by tesco/penneys(primark)/littlewoods and had a face by estee lauder and mac!!
    Are my priorities outta whack I wonder!?

  9. yeah it's a scary number but if you divide this grand total by the number of days the product is going to last you'll have the real cost of your daily face and it's going to be a more real and less frightening number.

  10. Eee, mine's actually a tad higher than yours! Actually, it'll probably be a lot higher since I didn't count the brushes.

    Feel free to check it out :D

    Cassie x