Monday, 14 March 2011

Seriously Maybelline, WTF??

I have a bit of a Maybelline product rant coming up in a couple of days (I already 'vlogged' about it here) but whilst I was searching for the online link to include in the YT description box, I came across this advert... (this is a screen grab).

I have issues with this foundation anyway (I haven't even tried it and I never ever would!). The sponge on the end of it is enough to make anyone who has ever suffered from blemishes, oilyness or acne to run for the hills, clutching their toner tightly to their chest. But, I digress...

Forget the product; WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ADVERT ABOUT???? Seriously, what on earth is it trying to convey? Did the graphic designer have a drink at lunch?? This has got to be one of the most unflattering adverts I have ever seen.


  1. haha this cracked me up. i don’t get it either, but it got you blogging about it and a little bit of extra promotion which was probably the point! i can’t imagine people rushing out to buy based on this ad though!

  2. Well I'm betting this is a case of what I called "wild creativity" where some marketing manager thought of this, believed it was the idea of the year, and made a poor graphics designer do it against their own advice claiming they're the client and know better.
    I've seen that quite a lot at work myself LOL.

    But seriously how gimmicky can makeup be? After the painting roll thing in the L'Oreal foundation, the "3 colors in 1 step" applicator in the eyeshadows, and now this...

  3. Hahah thats so strange! You are probably right, whoever it was probs did have a drink at lunch that day :P And yes, ew. Germ-fest!

  4. Ive seen this advery without the strange pulling thing going on and Ive had to stop and look which bit of her face was meant to have been covered and which hadnt as she had awful lines and dryness (if you ask me) it didnt make me want to go and buy it.
    Not that I would with that strange sponge thing on the end of it... eick.

  5. agree with you there ,the model looks like she has her ears tugged at the back :/ and that bottle design reminds me of some dirty toy.....sick!

  6. I totally agree with you! What were they thinking with the packaging!?? I get breakouts even though I am extra careful that all my tools are super clean and I have clean hands and all and then I see that sponge and I feel like having a heart attack. That would result in an explosion on my face of pimples! Pffffff very disappointing!

    Charlene xxxx
    A Cosmetic Affair

  7. Eurgh! It looks like it pulls your skin off, and that her face is made of rubber! Nasty nasty nasty - and don't even get me started on the sponge! I have yet to find a maybelline product I like actually thinking about it...

  8. UMMM I don't want to be obscene here.... OK that's a lie, I DO, obviously. But to me it looks like a willy sticking out the side of her face.

    There, I said it. But that's maybe because I have the mind of a 14 yr old boy.

    Horrendous. xx

  9. Haha you are so right - i wonder what that poor model is thinking?! Depends how much she got paid i supppose....!

    I wouldn't dream of buying this, like how would you clean it? I don't own any makeup sponges at all, it creeps me out that they must be an absolute breeding ground for all things germy. Yuck. xx

  10. Urgh this is a joke..... So gimmickey and rude!

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  11. wow that is hilarious i really cant stop laughing
    I would be mortified if i seen my face used in an advert as bad as that no matter how much i got payed to do it!!

  12. hilarious!

    silly Maybelline.