Wednesday, 18 May 2011

BarryM Bold Black Waterproof Eyeliner

Whilst browsing the beauty section on ASOS at the weekend, I noticed that BarryM seemed to have snuck in, amongst NARS, Benefit & Jemma Kidd! In Superdrug yesterday, I picked up one of the products that had caught my eye; the Bold Black Waterproof Liner which in my opinion bore an uncanny resemblance to Avon's Super Shock Gel liner!

It doesn't disappoint. The texture is smooth, almost liquid in it's application and the pay-off is blacker than black.

This is the before & after swatch - the after shot shows what it looked like after a vigorous rubbing with my finger tip. You can see a tiny smidge of smudge, but it was a hell of a lot of rubbing. I think the staying power of this baby will be top notch!

The good news for you American gals is that ASOS ships internationally so you too can indulge in one of our highstreet gems!

Available in Superdrug or at ASOS for £3.99 (which is excellent in comparison to Avon's price of £6!)


  1. Oh i will have to try this one, i have the Avon supershock liner & it stings me eyes :(

  2. Gotta try this one...I wear contacts and the Avon supershock is a no no with this...thx a mill...x x

  3. really liking the sound of that. avon supershock is not readily available for me xx thank you for great review

  4. I somehow missed this post earlier in the week.

    I bought this on Wednesday, wore it on Thursday and had mega sore eyes. I'm not sure if was because I didn't get much sleep on Wednesday night or if it was a reaction to the pencil.

    I'm really hoping it was the former because the pigmentation is amazing!


  5. That is such a fake picture i bought it and tried it smudged off straight away!its not rubbish but not that good as this reviews makes it out to be

  6. I didn't even need water to remove this it just wiped straight off. Back to the drawing board.