Thursday, 19 May 2011

GOSH Frou Frou

For someone who doesn't like pale colours & glitter, I'm sure doing a real good impression of someone who loves pale colours & glitter.

This is Frou Frou by GOSH. It's a total chameleon and I love it. In some lights it's a pale blue silver, in others it's a dark purple & others a bright pink. It's like a MyFace Bling Tone eyeshadow for the nails - the shine is extreme!

The polish is very thin but even one coat applies a smooth, even distribution of colour (which can be seen below) and it dries in the blink of an eye. The finish is smooth as a baby's bum and no gritty textures in sight.

For £4.75, this is a must have!

A x


  1. I dont a notd with this recently as I borrowed it from a friend in work, I really need to get it myself the shine is amazing.
    best almost mirror effect polish I've seen yet

  2. Looks gorgeous. Wish we had Gosh in the States!

  3. I love Gosh metallic nailpolishes, they always look fab!

  4. I like these post really awesome thanks for sharing it! I love the fashion and all images of GOSH Frou Frou are very nice. You have done great job. Good luck!