Saturday, 5 November 2011

47 things about me

Something a little bit different...

1. I have a 'deep down in the pit of my stomach' fear of turning 30 in January

2. I wish I could get over it

3. My blonde hair is naturally this colour.

4. I am petrified of the dark & ghosts & if I'm home alone, I sleep with a light on.

5. I fundamentally can't reconcile the real world, religion & how people can exist in one AND believe in the other.

6. I am completely aware of the conflict between 4 and 5.

7. I thought my 6 or so best friends from school & I would never be apart. 12 years after moving away from home, we keep in touch on Facebook and I haven't seen most of them in about 10 years.

8. I can't believe I'm a grown up.

9. I have a twin brother (and a baby brother).

10. My dad & brother (twin) are both Navy men and I have a giant traditional swallow tattoo down my left ribs in honour of that.

11. I have had 5 operations performed under a general anaesthetic.

12. One of those operations was to have my ears 'pinned back'. 2 different surgeons operated on my ears and so one ear had 20 stitches & the other had 10. They are both completely at odds with each other and are as pointy as Noddy's. But I'm still glad my parents had it done.

13. Another operation was to have a mole removed from my eye. An actual mole from my actual eyeball. Gross.

14. I yearn to be one of those women who can wear red lipstick flawlessly all day, every day.

15. I was once told my big toes look like thumbs. All I have seen since then, when I look down at my feet, is weird hands. I can't shake it & think perhaps I need therapy.

16. My mum used to be in a show choir & I thought it was the most glamourous thing ever.

17. Hoarders annoy me to my very core. I have no nostalgia for crap. All my stuff is current & I use it. Otherwise it goes in the bin or to the charity shop.

18. People are usually quite surprised to hear that I would love to be a housewife

19. I don't know if I ever want to have kids, but if I do, I'm seriously interested in adopting.

20. I wish I was a dancer in L.A.

21. I feel very privileged to have been able to go to university 3 times and study what I wanted. I completed 2 years of a Fine Art degree, but dropped out as I was too young & had no idea what I wanted. I went back 3 years later & completed a Sociology degree with Distinction & have since completed a Post-Grad in Human Resource Management.

22. I used to work in a chip shop.

23. I was approached my STORM modelling agency when I was 15 in Piccadilly Circus. I told them I couldn't join them as I was doing my Standard Grade exams.

24. I've regretted that decision my entire adult life.

25. I love my husband more than I ever thought possible...

26. Worringly, I think I love my cat as equally as much. The cat certainly doesn't get shouted at as much.

27. I wish I lived in New York

28. I once tried to dye my hair black but it went green. I was a rubbish goth

29. I love my MUA work and would do it for free if people weren't prepared to pay.

30. I love silence

31. I haven't eaten chocolate in over 2 years. It's a small insignificant fact to others, but it amazes me on a daily basis.

32. If I could apply that type of willpower to the other aspects of my life, I'd be running marathons, be a size 8, always have clean socks & be a millionaire.

33. I am still seriously considering a career in politics. And it's not because I have an enduring crush on Nick Clegg

34. I want to be fit. I want to see muscles in my arms and legs. I want to feel energised & like I can do anything. Weirdly, my inspiration is usually Vikings - they were so strong, just from going about their daily life. I can't imagine Vikings being worried about being obese or having to abstain from chocolate.

35. When I was 15 I had a boyfriend who was 18, had a car & I thought was the coolest thing ever. He treated me like utter shite & so I'm still smug to this day that when I saw him 10 years later, he was working as a waiter at TGI Fridays.

36. I always let bus drivers pull away from bus stops. It's in the green cross code people!!

37. I can speak a small amount of German. I would love to be able to speak French or Italian.

38. I'm not (never have been) particularly interested in visiting either France or Italy.

39. I want to write a book. I have no thoughts on what it would be about & I have a crap imagination. This blog post is probably the closest thing to writing a biography I will ever get.

40. I worry far too much what other people think of me, to the point where it inhibits things I want to do or say. I'm working on it.

41. I used to work in a bar where we were expected to get up on the bar and dance to the Grease megamix whenever the DJ saw fit to play it.

42. I loved that job.

43. I have a constant paranoia that I have killed someone and have suffered from some sort of stress-related amnesia forcing me to forget the incident & the police will turn up at any moment.

44. If my dad had had his way, I would have been called Guinevere. I secretly wish I had.

45. I loved the movie 'The Craft' and to this day wish I had magical powers.

46. I love fashion but I only ever wear the most simple of outfits.

47. It took me 5 attempts to pass my test, but I've never had an accident. Everyone else I know in my 'immediate circle' has crashed, had penalty points etc. It makes me a little smug.

I stopped at 47 as I couldn't think of anything else interesting & didn't want to put fillers in. I'll maybe do another one, another time. Was this the most boring 7 minutes of your life?!


  1. I loved reading this! I seriously envy your chocolate self control. I'm still noshing on Halloween candy!

  2. Ha ha, turning 30 in April and it petrifies me too!
    As for the cool older boyfriend, I was 16 and he was 18 and had an Audi! :)

  3. Wow so many new things about you, great thanks so much for sharing!

  4. I was glad to read this. I think a lot of us have similar insecurities. Great blog post! X

  5. That was incredibly interesting. I felt the same way about turning 30. I think that I'll have that feeling again when I turn 35, but 31, 32 and 33 have been lovely. Simone

  6. aw thanks for all your lovely comments! xx

  7. not at all, it was quite interesting actually! :)

  8. I'm turning 30 on Thursday, 8th of November and have the same feeling. If only other people stop speaking about it THAT way you start to believe it's actually means smth!!! )) And I feel the same about having a child... Love also the fact that although we have never met, we both had pixiwoo course ) and I know Petja too ) you both are such a lovely people! And I love to watch your tutorials :)

  9. I love your honesty in this post, and do not think for a second that it goes unappreciated! I could relate to so much of what you said, and for the parts that I couldn't, I could still understand and I'm positive so many other people are right there with you. The two things that make up #6 are so me, haha! I cannot stand movies about ghosts and the paranormal, because they seem so real! #31 is amazing. #26 - I wish I lived elsewhere as well - I feel like I'm not fulfilling my destiny or something. #40 - I am right there with you - it's kind of torture, but like you, I'm working on it. Thank you for writing this!

  10. No. 43 is sort of... STRANGE? :):):)

  11. PS: In April I'm turning 32... And I have to say, having turned 30 hasn't seriously changed my life ;) (Even though I'd also feared that day!)