Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bare Necessities

A few weeks ago, I wasn't feeling 100% and went to work with no makeup on. One of my colleagues I have worked with for years didn't recognise me and it got me to thinking if I wear too much makeup and how I take for granted the adjustments I can make to my face each day without even really thinking about it.

When I take my makeup off at the end of the night, I always do one side of my face first, then the other side. I thought this would be a fun way to compare the difference between a made-up face and a bare face!

This is just my quick & easy office makeup; tinted moisturiser, a wash of a neutral eye colour, some mascara & a sweep of blush.

What do you think?


  1. You see you have a beautiful face full stop, it is incredibly symmetrical and your skin is so clear. However having the pale brow and lash of a once blonde now greying woman, I understand the need to embellish, but really you are a lily that certainly does not need gilding.

  2. i don't think you look unrecognizable, not like you had on a full face change look lol. if she can't tell you are you without mascara and a bit of brow powder, she clearly isn't that observant lol! i've seen total transformations, this is just normal makeup...was she high? :P

  3. I don't feel you overdo your makeup for the office at all. It is tastefully done and understated. You are just enhancing your beauty. Even if you added abit more shadow, I don't feel you would be too done.
    I have to agree with socialitedreams in her comment above, lol.

  4. I think your colleague was exaggerating, you look very similar with and without make up on! You definitely don't overdo your make up for work.