Saturday, 17 December 2011

Heeled Winter Boots

Living in the north of Scotland, footwear causes outfit dilemmas for a large proportion of the year, particularly in winter. It can be icy, wet and snowy all in one day and usually by about January I've given up trying to look stylish and resorted to my ski jacket, thermal leggings and hiking boots.

Heels are definitely not my thing when the temperature plummets (I am far too accident prone to risk it) but I do miss the height and spend a lot of winter feeling a bit frumpy in flat, functional boots. I think these are my winter-wooly saviour!!


These are so so comfy - I wore them to a job yesterday which included 6hrs driving & 5hrs on my feet and they were great. The heel is not too high so the balls of my feet weren't burning and I wasn't desperate to kick them off at the end of the day.

The sheepskin-esque lining goes down to the ankles and even though the foot section isn't lined, they are super cosy.


The sole has a kind of rubbery feel, so completely non-slip.


I have been wearing mine with my skinny jeans tucked it, with the tops of the boots just left to kind of do what they want. I'm looking forward to wearing them with thick tights and skirts too.

Screen shot 2011-12-17 at 07.56.25

Just to prove how versatile they can be, this pic is of the boots plunged into a foot of snow! I went for a bit of a trek through Glenshee on my way home last night and stopped to take some pics. Clambering to get a good view & my boots kept my feet dry & warm. My socks weren't even the slightest bit damp!


Now, I'm sure you're all wondering where you can get your mitts on a pair! Soooo - these are from Primark & cost £18!!!! They had them in black and I think there was also blue. I think I'm going back for a black pair and possibly a back-up brown pair. Mine are a size 6 and fit perfectly, with a little room for extra thick wooly socks.


  1. There was me thinking they were going to be majorly expensive, but They really are upping their game at the moment I think with their designs. These will definitely keep you warm x

  2. Wow bargain and stylish!

  3. Wow I never would have guessed primark! These are beauties <3 need to get to primark x