Thursday, 29 September 2011

Boudoir Prive


I've been putting off writing this post for a few days in the hope that I'd discover what it was I feel about this month's Boudoir Prive. The truth is, I think I just feel a bit 'meh'. Maybe I'm still a bit jaded from Glossy Box. Who knows...?


As I haven't been signed up & paying for Boudoir Prive for the last few months (this is a PR sample), I can't really comment on whether or not I think it's worth subscribing. I don't think I will be. The products I received were fine; just not quite unusual enough for me, given the lengths Boudoir Prive have gone to express their luxeness. I'm just a little uninspired. It's a nice enough box and I think for those who don't spend the majority of the time researching, testing, sampling new products, then these kind of boxes are ideal.


The star of the box; I've never tried Zoya before so will definitely be checking them out!


  1. I think i would only ever sign up to one.. and glossybox seems far better to me! to sign up for £20 worth of samples a month is a bit much i think!

  2. I just signed up to Glossybox and have enjoyed the products. I must say Boudoir Prive doesn't appeal

  3. zoya is a decent brand...I have a nail salon and work with high end polishes day in day out...for me theyre a little overpriced for what they are but they are good quality. you dont get much in the bottle though.. oh well, you can see when you try this out =)

  4. I was introduced to "sample box" programs via Birchbox here in the states. However, it quickly lost its appeal when I kept receiving samples I had no interest in using or which were not ideal for my skin or hair type (despite my profile being filled in correctly.) The novelty was fun but I realized I had better things I could spend my money on, as opposed to samples I had no interest in. :-(

  5. Nice! I received my GlossyBox here in Spain a couple of weeks ago and I love it! I love the concept! thanks for the info

  6. I think I feel the same - I like the idea of these boxes but they are uninspiring when you actually receive them. It's so easy to get great samples for free from counters of products that are appropriate for me that I can't see the value in paying for samples - it needs to be more special than that.

  7. Hi! This is Veronica from Boudoir Prive. Thank you for your honest review. What do you not like about Boudoir Prive Beauty Box?