Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Like I just stepped out of a salon...

My hair has been straddling the fine line between long/lush and long/stripper for a while. In 2008 I started growing it for my wedding last year & just never really stopped. The shortest layers were past my chin & at the back it was below my bra strap. I quite liked it, but it was unmanageable, uninspiring & unflattering. But I was struggling to let go and have been thinking about getting it cut for months, without ever picking up the phone & booking an appointment.

(don't ask...)

After a desperate plea on Twitter, Rainbow Rooms International swooped in & offered to rescue me from barnet despair. I was booked in with the lovely Leo (more on him later...) the very next day for a complete overhaul. Rainbow Rooms was founded in 1979, with the first salon on Glasgow's famous shopping mecca, Buchanan Street. Since then, the brand has grown & grown, with a full in-house range of haircare products, 2 teaching academies and salons across the west of Scotland. The salons are known for luxury, relaxation & fabulous customer service, not to mention the highly talented & friendly staff.


Despite the reputation, I still took the stairs up to the salon with some trepidation; I kind of still wanted to keep all my hair and was reluctantly resigning myself gradually to knowing that really, it had to go. I also HATE going to new hairdressers. Hate. It. I mean, who feels comfortable going somewhere new where all the girls always look amazing and you have to have a wet head? Come on people, I am not alone, am I? But I was greeted by a receptionist with a mega-watt smile oozing friendliness and I immediately felt at ease. I was seated to await my fate.

A moment later, Leo was by my side, introducing himself, taking a seat & getting comfy for a very thorough consultation. One of my most hated stylist tactics is when they stand behind you, grabbing hair, throwing it around, eyeing up where they can cut off 2 feet, when all you've asked for is a trim... Anyway, I digress. Leo asked what I was thinking, I gave him a bit of uhmm'ing & ahh'ing before reaching for the pile of photos I'd taken with me. Leo then briefed me on what he thought would be right, before discussing my face shape, hair condition & potential treatments. Before long, we were finishing each other sentences & the rest as they say, is history...

During the consultation, I was asked how I style my hair (I don't), how long I spend styling in the morning (uhhh 3 seconds?), what products I used (£2 hair masque from Aldi - Leon just about threw me out) and what I wanted out of my cut (hair I don't have to style for more than 3 seconds, but which looks fabulous darling). Leo correctly assessed my hair as verging on traumatised from it's treatment over the last year and when I told him the last time it was cut was January, I think a little bit of him died inside. We discussed the treatments I would have; a shiatsu head massage to open up the hair shafts, allowing the conditioning treatment to fulfil it's conditiony destiny & really sink in, for a deep revival of my poor straw hair (a special thank you to Ellie, a firecracker cheerleader who gave me an amazing massage!)

Right, this was me before!


Over the next hour & a half, my hair was chopped, snipped and conditioned all the while enjoying the very friendly banter & admiring Leo's tattoos. I didn't think the day could get any better. Then Leo whispered to Ellie "bring out the O"... If you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably have heard me lament more than once about my inner turmoil about buying an O without trying it first. I think I probably cracked a window with my excited squeals. And it was amazing.


And this is the end result!!


I'm so pleased. I asked for soft, blended movement without harsh lines, for a fringe that could be flexible in style and a cut that I can easily blow-dry without minimal effort. And it's exactly what I got. Amazing. I seriously am still skipping inside with how happy I am with my hair. Love it.

This is the man himself. (How hot?!)


I left the salon, bouncing down the street with a serious spring in my step. Leo said his aim was to make me feel amazing & I did! And so did these 2 ladies. Annie (left) has been coming to RRI for a while and on this visit had brought her sister Flora to experience the magic touch. I caught up with them as we left the salon at the same time & they were more than happy to give the salon 4 giant thumbs ups!


So, I am in love with Leo & I will now be travelling 3 hours south to get my hair done. Or I will bribe him to open a salon in Aberdeen...

What do you think? Have you been to one of their salons? Is Leo your hairdresser? (if so, step away bitch - he's mine!) A massive thanks to Leo & Rainbow Rooms for having me & putting a smile back on my face!

A x


  1. Looks fab Amanda! I always enjoy a successful hair story! Think I'm going have to get Rachel to do her business and hook me up! x

  2. Me likey! You look hot lady - and Leo's not bad either! ;-)

  3. loooved this post - and your new pals at the end ;) oh - and your hair is very very lovely

    a x

    Girl in the City Glasgow

  4. Lovely post, your hair looks gorgeous!

  5. Valerie/Tiggysquirrel8 September 2011 at 02:52

    Your new "doo" looks really beautiful on you. You have the most amazing natural hair color as well (jealous!). The bangs are a nice change and they really suit you. I am glad you are happy with the final result...what more could a gal ask for!

  6. Wow I love your new hair do, it looks stunning. Was it the Buchanan St salon you went to? xo

  7. Your hair looks fab but then I have complete hair envy with your hair anyway, I am still remembering your perm which I thought was beautiful. Thanks for this.