Sunday, 9 October 2011

Boots No7 Instant Radiance Foundation

I am having a bit of a No7 love-in at the moment! Like the eye creams, I was given this foundation by Boots to use in a show. The night before, I tried it at home on myself and completely fell in love.


It has a pump!! It has a PUMP!!!!



So, details. It's branded as 'Instant Radiance'. Usually when 'radiance' is banded about in relation to foundation, it usually means it's full of shimmer, but this is so different. The texture is extremely light, very similar to Chanel Vita Aqua Lumiere or MAC Face & Body. Once applied to the face, it 'dries' within a few seconds and literally the skin is dry to touch, not tacky or sticky. But once dry, it's not matte, instead it stays kind of glowy, but dry! It really is quite incredible.

The coverage is medium, but because it sets so quickly, you can very easily pop a 2nd 'coat' on. I've also found it doesn't streak AT ALL and looks just as beautiful applied with either a brush or fingers.


The only negative I think is the fact that the lightest shade is porcelain, which isn't very porcelain at all. It's very similar to Chanel Pro shade 10 Limpede, which is quite yellow. It's about 1/2 a shade too dark (for me, it's fine & I just add a splash of white MAC F&B, but for girls lighter than me, you're going to struggle to get a colour match.


Ok, so I can't rave this much about a foundation without giving you some before/after pics! Be kind!





So this little beaut costs £12.50 and you can buy it online or instore. I'm not sure about the shades on the Boots website though - they don't match the shades available in both Boots stores I checked out.

*this was provided to me at no cost, but that was for use in a show, not for 'review purposes'. I truly love this product!


  1. great review!! you've made me want it! xx

  2. I absolutely love this foundation! I picked it up a few weeks ago with a £5 off voucher and think it's amazing - I've been wearing it non-stop! I completely agree that the lightest shade isn't what I would call light! xx

  3. It looks great! I love your pics-you're just as lovely with no makeup on! So unfair!!!
    Love Amie

  4. I hear such wonderful things about the No7 foundations but the pics (though the finish is lovely and you look great) just confirm my fears. Too dark and too yellow. Their matte formula sounds great in theory to me but I won't buy it because I'm not convinced the lightest colour is pale enough x

  5. I would love to have the oportunity of trying No7 but I am from Spain and here we don´t have that brand... thanks anyway

  6. Thanks for recommending this foundation. I was confused on choosing my foundation. I really like this product.