Saturday, 8 October 2011

Vivienne Westwood Red "Let It Rock" Medal Ring

Accessory could be my middle name (although it'd probably need to be hyphened with makeup). I absolutely adore jewellery but as I've gotten a little more mature I tend to try & buy longer-lasting pieces that are more style/interesting than just frivolous/fashionable. I find accessories that are more unusual tend to go with everything as they actually don't go with anything - does that make sense? (probably not!)

Anyhoo! One of my all-time favourite brands is Vivienne Westwood. I can't get enough of her edgy clothes and have a very modest (and growing!) collection of earrings, a scarf & now this ring! I think what I like is the hard rock/punk edge to the brand, but usually done in a relatively pretty, wearable & often subtle way. For example, the scarf I bought earlier this year is plastered with profanities, but it mostly appears as art/graffiti when I'm wearing it.


When I spotted this ring on ASOS earlier in the week, I knew it was going to be mine before I even could properly look at the price. It's so simple, but I love the message "Let It Rock". It's the perfect example of why I love the brand.

The 'medal' is attached to the band of the ring securely, but it moves about a bit, which is why it looks a funny angle in these pics. Once it's on your finger, it sits flat. All VW jewellery is handmade, which I think just makes it a little bit more special.



I went for large, which fits very comfortably on my middle finger. As a size guide, my middle finger is about an 'O' and the large fits perfectly. The large was far too big for my ring finger which is an 'M' - a medium would have been fine for that finger.




Next on my list is this one...

What about you? Is there a brand you buy from over & over?

A x


  1. Oh GOD viv Westwood jewellery makes me weak at the knees! I have a few necklaces and some earrings but in ring terms I'm holding out fr the labradorite bat clasp ring. DIVINE! this wee Let it Rock number is gorgeous xx

  2. I love Viv Westwood so much and have been lusting after this ring! Looks amazing! x

  3. @kirsty I just googled it - love!

    @evelyn thanks, i think you need to get it!

  4. it looks great, it´s so cute! thanks for sharing! take care,