Friday, 7 October 2011

No7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse


I only discovered these last weekend, when I was given 'Pewter' to use at a fashion show. I adored the colour, but never having been a big No7 fan, I wasn't really expecting great shakes. But I have been blown away! They are so highly pigmented, blend out forever and dry to a lovely satin finish, with no creasing sight. Amazing.



I went back to Boots & picked up Fudge & Plum to chuck in my bridal kit. Really good long-lasting, non-creasing, pigmented cream bases are like gold dust and at £9 each, are significantly more affordable than their luxe Laura Mercier counterpart.


There are 6 shades in total. I don't think I'll get the other 3 - there's a vivid olive green, a sky blue & a peachy cream which all look nice, but I don't think they have a place in my kit. But I am considering buying back-ups of these ones in case they suddenly discontinue!


I have another post coming up on N07 Instant Radiance Foundation shortly. Believe me, you'll want to put your £13.50 aside for that one!!


  1. They've had these for years so I doubt they'd discontinue :) I used to own the olive green it looks gorgeous on brown eyes! xxx

  2. Oooh these are beautiful! I had no idea they existed. Time for a last minute £5 voucher spend I think! x

  3. You know what, this just goes to show that No7 really does have some gems amongst the standards. I cannot live without their lipliners. Nude and Caramel are incredible!!!

  4. I have always avoided these at the No7 Makeup counter as the word mousse always makes me think that they will highlight any dryness on the eye area. However, I have to say that these do look pretty tempting when swatched, plum is my favourite. The texture looks so creamy and luxurious xoxo

  5. I have the plum too which is a great colour and has a lovely finish, but I find it a bit too dark for an all-over eye colour during the day so I don't really know what to do with it! I also have the blue which I get good wear out of though, the finish is amazing and it lasts all day plus it's nice and bright, just the kind of shade I like.

  6. So beautiful creams, thanks for sharing!

  7. I have never tried this product. Thanks for recommending!