Saturday, 4 February 2012

FOTD with Chanel Perfection Lumiere & New Hair!

Last year when I heard Chanel's Pro Lumiere was going to be discontinued, I was pretty gutted as I loved it. But then, I also loved about 5 other foundations & I quickly moved on, shoved my Chanel to the back of the drawer & got over it. Hence I was completely unaware when Chanel launched the replacement Perfection Lumiere a couple of weeks ago! After reading Milly's post over at Pearls & Poodles, I hit up my local counter to see what the fuss was all about. I have a lovely relationship with the girls over there, so obtaining a sample was not a problem (I may be spontaneous, but even I wont drop £36 on a foundation that might be rubbish!)

So anyway, I picked up Rose Beige 12, based on the SA's assessment & she was spot on. She did advise me it oxidises & this is totally correct. I am as pale as pale can be & this still manages to look like tipex on first application, but within a few minutes, it has disappeared into the most perfect match for my skin.

(sorry the pics are so blurry!)

The texture is beautiful; it's super light, with a medium coverage. The application is silky smooth - almost like a gel/silicone texture that glides & blends into the skin easily. It sets within a few seconds to a light semi-matte finish. If you have normal skin you will have the choice of not having to use powder. I think if you have slightly oily skin this will still work well with a primer underneath, but if you have dry skin you'll need to moisturise super well or give it a miss.

My skin is normal and fairly even in texture. If you have any skin issues, you might want to obtain a good few days worth of samples before investing your hard earned cash. But if it works for you, this will look beautiful.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere

Moving on; I've had my hair cut! If you're a normal person who gets their hair done every 6-8 weeks, then you'll wonder what all the fuss is about, but I get mine cut every 6-8 months, so this is a fairly big deal! My last chop was in September last year at Rainbow Rooms International in Glasgow, which I loved but in the space of 4 months, my hair was almost back to full length again. I decided this time to give a local salon a run for it's money & ended up at James Dunn House, an experience I thoroughly enjoyed. I really wanted a good lot cut off this time & asked for a long shoulder length style, very blunt and no layers. I took a few pics in as inspiration (something you should always do!) but this one of Claire Danes was my favourite.


I absolutely adore the shorter length & I love using my Enrapture rollers to achieve lovely soft waves. I feel much more pretty than I ever did with the straggles of my stripper hair hanging wispily around my neck! I think when I go back I might ask for it a smidge shorter - I'm feeling brave!

And lastly! Since October, I have been lusting after this Chinti & Parker Cashmere sweater after spotting it on Wearing It Today, but there was no way I could splash out £350 on a jumper. I squealed when I found this navy & stars cardigan in H&M when I was on a 'basics' shop, stocking up on vests etc. Unfortunately, it was sold out completely in both Aberdeen stores & online. I found it in New York! Hurrah! It's obviously not a complete replacement of the sweater, but at £12, it'll do me just fine!

(looking v uncomfortable!)

Hope you're having a good weekend!


  1. wow, love the new haircut! You look so pretty. :)

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous! Also that cardie is an absolute steal! xx

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  3. amanda, your posts haven't been coming up on my blogroll on blogger, I dunno if its my silly blogger or if its something that is happening with a few others, I have missed you. Love the new hair loads, will go through and catch up with the blogs I have missed

    have a super weekend
    Kelli @

  4. Your Hairs Really Nice :)

  5. Ahh you hair looks so nice!
    I got a few samples from Chanel as well, wanted to love it but for my drier skin I just could not get it to work for me! x

  6. Heey! I read one of your older posts where you said you have bought Get Lashed London Lash Boost Serum and said you will later on post whether you had any results or not. I tried to find that results post without succeeding, so I was wondering did you have any results by using that serum? I'm very interested in hearing because I just bought the same serum today. :)

    T. Lilja

  7. I tried a sample today and loved the texture! You're right, gotta play the field a bit first...

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