Friday, 24 February 2012

Kate Spade Kindle Cover

*rant warning*

*If you're not a Kindle owner, this will be boring as fuc..*

If you follow me on Twitter, you will have undoubtedly seen me complaining long & hard about the serious lack of good Kindle covers. I'm not talking about quality - I know I could've had a pink one from Tesco or a sturdy one from Amazon blah blah blah... I'm talking about CHOICE!! From Amazon to Tesco to Curry's Digital - there's about 4 different options, in the same insipid colours and they are BORING!!!!

Now, if I had an iPad, I could have had 5111 choices from Zazzle, or this Valentino case, this Jimmy Choo case or an animal friendly case from Stella McCartney (I could go on and on...) but I DON'T have an iPad! I bought my Kindle just before I went to the states & decided to lay-off buying a case until I got there, expecting to find a plethora of choices. But I didn't. It was mighty disappointing!! I started searching on Amazon and I quickly stumbled across a fab selection from Kate Spade and DVF, but actual FFS. They only ship to the sodding US. grrrrrrr

I was ready to give up my search and settle for this coral offering from Belkin (my mum has this one & it's fine, but the flip catch thing would have driven me CRAZY!), when an angel from Houston stepped in (she's actually my Husband's friend from Uni) and was happy to order one for me & it arrived today!! HURRAH!! So, I went for the Pebbled Leather in Pink (note - my pics are about gazillion times more colour accurate than Amazon's). It's buttery soft and I adore the colour. Even though it's a completely different colour to the one I was expecting, I'm really pleased it's a more vibrant fuschia than the pastel pink shown. I was slightly worried that in the pics on Amazon, the elastic sections looked a bit 'loose' but I am really impressed with how strong & tight the corners are gripping my Kindle in place. I shook it about a bit & my Kindle didn't quiver one bit. Overall, the quality is awesome & I'm glad I stuck to my guns and ordered one. Now, all you Kindle geeks, feast your eyes below...









  1. oh its so so pretty, I'm major jel. I know the annoyance of trying to get a nice Kindle cover, I'm yet to find one I have a gross Belkin one that I hate. this is stunning may have to ask a friend to ship one over for me. copy cat alert. xx

  2. Argh, so pretty. I haven't found a Kindle cover I like yet, so mine is still naked and coverless in my bag.

  3. ooh! i need this for mine!

  4. my kindle is also naked!!Why no other choices apart from kate spade!! Does the kate spade have a light?

  5. Oh no, i fucking need this..................................... - Makeup collection sneak peak

  6. I love your case!!! I just got a kindle fire and chose this pretty blue case - which is also a handy stand. I just like that it's pretty and that it fits securely around the kindle fire but also lets me prop it up too.

    but kate spade + pink....that's tempting to get too!

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