Friday, 29 January 2010

Chanel Particuliere Nail Polish

Anyone who has ever dared utter the words "Amanda, your nails look nice today" will be well versed in my love for Chanel 'La Vernis' Nail Polish. I can talk for hours about it's merits, whether that be the amazing true colours, the brush, the smooth application, the fact that one coat is usually guaranteed to cover impeccably or its stayability & non-chipibility...

My favourites (and I am never seen with bare nails) are Rouge Noir, Vendetta, Blue Satin and Dragon -I definitely am a big fan of the classic dark colours. I am not a hater of the lighter colours, I just sometimes find the Chanel pales a touch 'Country Casuals'. After reading a review of Particuliere (505) at I wasn't convinced that I would become a fan of this brand new colour either.
However, I'll never say I dislike something til I try it, so I popped down to my local Chanel counter and picked myself up a bottle. So actually I really like it! I don't think it's quite 'nude' - think it's too coloured for that, but it is definitely a lovely, sophisticated brown. I often think browns can look a bit ashy, but this is not grey. It's gorgeous. See pics below - unfortunately, the light tends to change the tone slightly depending on daylight/artificial light, but this is as close as.

So, to be a little different and since I was going to be decorating anyway, I thought I'd give you an idea of it's durability. I often get comments that my nails only stay looking good because I don't have kids etc and A, my hands don't go through so much and B, I have time to maintain them, but with Chanel polishes, your nails will easily last 5-7 days with no chipping if you take the time to apply properly.
The above pic was taken a few minutes after application. The pic below was taken after 2 days of sanding walls, painting walls, removing flooring from my kitchen & bathroom, digging out sealant from around my bath, shifting endless furniture including my washing machine and fridge, filling holes with polyfilla etc... As you can see, after a very rigorous 2 days, only the very tips of the nails are even starting to flake. There is no actual chipping, or any other damage to varnish itself (my hands are a different story!). So anyone who has ever doubted if Chanel polish is worth the money - give it a go. You'll be impressed! Now, can anyone recommend a handcream that patch my skin back together....

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