Saturday, 23 January 2010

Today's Haul

Finally had a day where I managed to spend more than 20 minutes in town, so spent most of the pm in Boots. Went a bit mad at Ruby & Millie, but they gave me heaps of £5 off vouchers, so thought it would be rude not to spend... So I got...

  • Benefit's One Hot Minute bronzer (Thanks for the recommendation Pixiwoo!)
  • Benefit's Bad Gal Lash waterproof (tried & tested)

  • Ruby & Millie Nail Polish in 'Green' - it's so soft and pastelly!
  • Ruby & Millie White Eyeliner

  • R & M Lipsticks both 'Red' and 'Nude' in sheer and 'Nude' in matte

From left to right... Red Sheer, Nude Sheer and Nude Matte.

I've popped a pic of the bullet of the red sheer as it's solid post box red in 'real life' but it's almost more like a lipgloss when applied. It's a beautiful shade.
The nude matte I think might become my new favourite daytime as the tone matches my lips perfectly so it just kinda looks like I've got lovely even toned, smooth lips rather than wearing an obvious lipstick!
I've never really been a big R & M fan, but the lipstick section was great - it just had the same 8 (?) colours but in 4 different textures. Fab!
I'll pop up a pic of the green nail varnish tomorrow - I've no idea how this will work out as when I tested it in the shop it was very very sheer, so it might need a good few coats!


  1. Hey, interested in the sheer red lippy & the matt nude - any chance of a pic of them on the lips? Thanks x

  2. Hi there, swatches are done. Hope they help! xx

  3. I just realised who you are! Hiya! xx