Friday, 15 January 2010

Recent Recommendations

As I have mentioned several times, my other blog got deleted but I had made some recommendations for a couple of products/brands that I thought might be useful to re-blog for you. I can't put pics up again as I deleted them off my laptop after I'd posted, naively thinking I would not need them again!

So, I'd mentioned my new Michael Kors watch - I love his accessories and can be viewed at

I'd also posted about a bracelet Mac had given me for xmas from HultQuist Copenhagen, which is gorgeous. You can check out their catalogue at
Beaute is a new cosmetics brand by Beau Nelson which has recently been launched in Canada and the US. I am currently coveting the 'weightless lip creme' so if anyone knows where I can get my grubby mitts on them, please email me!
As mentioned in the 'nails nails nails...' post, the 'Brights' look was achieved using the Acid Palette by Sleek Make-up. I spotted these palettes in Superdrug months ago but figured they wouldn't be worth the money. However after watching several Pixiwoo vids where they were used and after my friend Lisa buying one, I was convinced to give them a go. I picked up the 'Acid' and 'Sunset' palettes at less than £5 each and I have to agree - they're fabulous! The colours are amazing, they don't have that much fall-out and they blend like a dream. So definitely check them out. You can pick them up in Superdrug or go to
Also check out Pixiwoo at where you'll find heaps of tutorials on make-up application, trends and looks.
Finally, and I'm not going to say much but Mister Mascara lashes are brilliant. All of the pics below feature me (except the Gwen pics) wearing MM lashes and they are simply superb. You can get 2 pairs for £9.50 in boots or go to
Enjoy! A xx

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