Friday, 15 January 2010

Nails Nails Nails...

So, this is my 3rd attempt at this post! I put one up this morning and then deleted the post by accident, then I deleted my entire blog which is why you are now looking at this one with posts missing! Grrrrrr good thing I don't have any exams in the next day or so... ahem.

Right, when I posted the 'brights' look yesterday it had an explanation behind it, which was that when I was reading Feb's issue of Vogue, it had an article stating that 'Make Up is Back'. I was unaware that it had ever gone anywhere, maybe I've been out of touch and have been unfashionably parading around in eyeliners and lipglosses. However, I figured I would celebrate the return of face painting by doing something fun; the result was the pics you can see below. Do you like the pink feathers in my hair? They kept making me sneeze.

Whilst I was preparing for yesterday's bright look (which was done using a Sleek palette - you need to check these out!), I came across a few mentions of Illamasqua's new Pastels Polish range that will be launched at the end of Feb. Not willing to wait to try it out and unlikely Illamasqua are going to be sending me them anytime soon, I thought I'd give the yellow a go. I decided I wasn't going to spend more than £5 on something I was positive I would hate and I picked up Collection 2000's Hot Looks polish in 'Sherbet Lemons' for £1.94 in Asda (the price reflects the fact that it took 2 very generous coats to get an even finish - but it did dry very quickly!).

I have been pleasantly surprised! For someone who normally wears Rouge Noir, it feels a bit 'Runway Sports Wear', but actually it has cheered me up no end in this miserable scottish weather! So, my recommendation is a 'thumbs up'!!

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  1. I really like this color. Your very very very White! So you can pull off any color. I still think white nail polish looks best on you White girls looks best. It just "blends" in with your White skin.