Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Guest Post! Eve Pearl Concealer Review


I told you she'd be back....!


Eve Pearl Concealer

Ok, I’m guessing many of you may not have head of this brand but Eve Pearl is actually an awesome Emmy awarding makeup artist based in New York, New York. She also has a YouTube channel you may wish to check out, in which she demonstrates some of these award winning techniques.

The ‘Salmon Concealer and Treatment’ (yes, salmon!) is her most prolific product (also a favourite of the luuverly Goss Make-up Artist – http://gossmakeupartist.blogspot.com) which is known for covering under eye darkness and other skin discolorations. So to cut a very long story short during late stages of pregnancy I got horrendous pigmentation around the eyes known as Melasma, which has not faded one year on and gets worse through sun exposure. I’ve searched far and wide for a truly fabulous concealer to mask these marks to no avail – until now! Seriously fabulous stuff. Mine is in light/medium and I apply with my finger in a soft patting motion on top of my Chanel Pro Lumiere foundation (in Clair no.20), and then set with a little MAC Prep & Prime Power.

It’s expensive – $35-but IT WORKS and is apparently full of a lovely CosmeNutrient® Complex, which does all kinds of good stuff for the skin (sorry for being so technical there....) It’s lovely light texture belies its ability to give full coverage, and the dual palette means you can mix the light and medium shades to get your perfect colour match. Eve also has a rather fab book I purchased called “Plastic Surgery Without the Surgery - The Miracle of Makeup Techniques” Awesome bedtime reading for the makeup obsessed like me!

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