Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Nouveau Lashes at Preen Beauty

I had intended on getting these up before I went away for the honeymoon, but my photo editor was playing silly buggers and kept putting the photos on their sides... anyhoo!
I had these done for the wedding and only just had them removed today. They lasted a good 3 weeks almost without shedding any, it's only been in the last 4 or 5 days that they've become noticeably patchy.
So these are the before and afters! My eyes are now back to 'before' and I'm currently trying a lash growth stimulant tonic that I will report back on in a few weeks.

These cost £65 for the full set and would be £30 after 3 weeks for a 'top up'. I had mine done at Preen Beauty, one of the best salons in Aberdeen and I paid for them myself.


  1. Ohh I LOVE how they looked.I had them once and felt soo feminine and fluttery whilst they were on, and so naked once they were off.

    New follower by the way - so hello :) x

  2. Hello to you too! Thanks for following! yes I loved them too, they were really lovely. my eyelashes look so ridiculously short now though! High hopes for the growth tonic! x

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