Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Jealousy is uh-glee, but it brings me pretty things!

You may have read Katy's (from recent post on some brushes from Sephora. Well the green-eyed monster got the better of me after I got to check out her brushes when she was doing my wedding makeup, so when I was in the states on honeymoon I headed straight to Sephora and bought some!
Who could resist a brush as soft as a baby Koala's tummy fur?? So this is the Professional Mineral Powder brush #45 and it costs $26 (£17). I loved the chunky handle and its bristles are truly the softest ever. It's a fabulous brush and I wish I'd gotten 2...

This is the Sephora 'Natural Foundation #111' brush and it cost about $30. I assume it's supposed to be used to buff in liquid foundation, but I bought it as a dupe for the MAC 116, to apply my Chanel Bronze Universel cream bronzer with. It's not quite the full round brush the 116 is, but it's softly dense and doesn't make streaks of bronzer, so it will do nicely!

Unfortunately Sephora isn't available to buy in the UK and the US site doesn't ship to the UK. Why, I don't know as the stores are fab. Anyhoo, if you want to get your mitts on these babies, you will need to do some travelling! Sorry....

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