Saturday, 25 September 2010

2 Week Gel Manicures

Hi guys,

So I hate having a bare nails; I find having polished nails makes me feel just a little bit 'together' even when the rest of me might feel a mess. But for years I've achieved this by doing manicures probably 2 or 3 times a week.

Enter the 2 Week Gel Manicure! This stuff is amazing. It protects nails, it doesn't chip and it stays super super shiny for the whole 2 weeks. I have mine done at my new favourite salon in Aberdeen and they use BioSculpture, although I'm sure there are other gels available.

Here are a couple of pics of recent manicures I've had. Having spent the past couple of months with a french manicure, I finally broke and have gone for a very Chanel-esque burgundy red colour. Gorgeous winter colour.

A xx


  1. pretty nail colorr! :) Love iiiit

  2. call me weird, but i love french manicure so much. i actually prefer them to fully painted nails xx

  3. Great post - we do Shellac manicures and our clients are just as impressed as you seem to be. Check out our Facebook page to see examples and a great video about the product. I have just started following your blog and have been really enjoying your articles! If you're ever in Edinburgh I hope you will stop by. Anna

  4. It looks so nice.. They did these gel overlays at my old work place.
    But I just found that in the long run, it works out so expensive.. But it's very nice indeed :)