Sunday, 12 December 2010

Festive Red Lip: New Video!

Tonight's video is a really simple, clean & modern red lip. Perfect for the festive season, a christmas party or just for wearing about the house!

And I just wanted to show you... In the video I used Benefit's She Laq on my lips & eyebrows. The video was shot about 5 hours before the pic below and in the meantime I'd eaten lunch, drunk some milk and some kisses (!) and this lipstick has not budged!!

(scuse my glasses... I stabbed myself in the eye a few days ago with a 224 and still struggling to wear my lenses)


  1. Hi Amanda

    Beautiful look! Where did you get that gorgeous lip stain from? Its beautiful. Fantastic on top of that pencil.

  2. It looks gorgeous, the red makes your eyes pop! Your hair is beautiful too...
    I had a bottle of She Laq a few years ago, I used it on top of my khol eyeliner and it wouldn't transfer on my top lid like it normally did, what an amazing product... x

  3. Love the lips! I have full lips like you, and always feel a little self conscious wearing a vibrant lip. But Im getting braver by the day. BTW- every time I see your hair, Im tempted to try the perm!

  4. Love this colour !
    look so pretty on you , just imagine how it would match with the smokey black look , Think it would be amazing on you

  5. love that lippy - beautiful x

  6. I did this make-up today and got so many compliments :)