Saturday, 4 December 2010

Party Season Must Have! Benefit She Laq

It's not very often that I will try a product and want to blog about it immediately, but I was so damn impressed last night with this stuff that I wanted to tell you about it right away!

Last night was my office Christmas party and I glammed it up with applying MAC's Antique Gold Reflects pigment over the top of Benefit's 'Strut' cream shadow, but we all know that even over the top of a cream, pigments can move around. As I was wandering around town yesterday picking up last minute party essentials (shoes, dress etc hehehe) I was planning in my head what makeup I would be wearing* and this video by Tanya (Pixi2woo) popped into my head - she had mentioned She Laq as a good makeup sealer and so I popped in past Debenhams and quickly scooped up a bottle.
When it first came out and without even trying it, I'd notched it up as a product that would sting, dry out skin and generally make whatever makeup you put it over, look crap (Lipcote of 10 years ago anyone?) but I was so wrong! This stuff is bloody amazing!! I put it over the top of the MAC loose pigment - it didn't clog or mess it up, it just made it stay put! I put it over my eyebrows which I'd filled in with Shu Uemura pencil and my eyebrows were fixed all night. Amazing - I danced the night away, didn't take my makeup off before I went to bed (I know I know) and when I woke up this morning feeling mega rough I just about fell over when I looked in the mirror and saw my makeup was still 100% intact!

And it gets better! As I was in a rush, I literally just grabbed a box off the shelf at Benefit without paying much attention and it was only when I opened the box when I was getting ready did I realise that it comes with 4 brushes! I have a couple of Benefit brushes and think they are excellent quality, so to pay £17 (Debs had a 10% discount) for the She Laq and 4 brushes, is fairly amazing value. Mascara spoolys are often very expensive and I'm delighted to have another one!

I think Tanya said in the video that she hadn't tried it over eyeshadow but that she was sure it would be fine and I can confirm that is definitely the case! If you have a problem with oily lids, smudging, lipstick not staying on, brows rubbing off - this is the product for you. I can't believe I haven't tried it before now! Definitely a party season must-have!

* I'd planned on wearing MAC Reflects Pearl pigment but when I got to Lisa's, she offered me a dusting of Antique Gold - it literally looked like my eyes were encrusted with jewels, it was blinking gorgeous. I didn't get a chance to properly take any pics of my makeup, but there are some general party pics and if there's a decent one of me, I'll get it up. I will be doing a vid recreating last night's makeup though as I loved it so much.


  1. ive been debating about getting this but now i want little present for me i think...x