Sunday, 19 December 2010

Products Revisited... PerriconeMD Skin Clear Hydrator

If I was doing a 2009 'Products of The Year' post, this would be top of my list, but I'm not. I do explain the history between Perricone MD & I in this post, but here's it in brief... 2008/2009 saw a lot of hormonal changes and resulted in a massive acne outbreak. Nothing could control it & I had a course of treatments at the Sk:n Clinic. One of the products I was given was the Skin Clear Hydrator & it made a massive improvement to my uncontrollable & oily skin.

When I posted about this in February, I was still using it daily and my skin was looking fab. By the time my wedding rolled around in August, however, my skin had changed, was much less oily and needed something a bit more moisturising. Since then, it's gone even further & now I'm slapping on Embryolisse every day!

I would still highly recommend this to anyone with very oily, spot prone or sore skin as it's so calming to use, but it's not the top of my list anymore but only because my skin has changed!

A xx