Sunday, 12 December 2010

Suggestions on a Postcard Please!

This post is physically painful. I have to say it, it's tearing me up inside. I'm. going. to. be. 2-2-2-29 in a few weeks. I can't bear it. I've loved my 20's and I can't believe I'm facing my last year *double sad face*.

Now before you all get on your high horses about how 29 isn't old, I should be lucky that I'm not turning 40, or I should just be grateful that I'm still in 20's - I am! I'm just struggling to say goodbye to them and I want to be prepared. And, I certainly don't want to be like Phoebe in Friends who discovers she's actually just turned 31...

So, to ensure that when I do turn 30, I'm feeling happier about it, I want to try and achieve as much else as I can in my 20s. I already have the usual things; lose weight, learn a new language, be tidier etc and this isn't necessarily about life changing activities. So this is where you come in... I want you to tell me what you think I should do that could enhance my last year as a fresh-faced 20-something. Got a favourite flavour of ice cream? Let me know. Read an amazing book? Share! Got a hobby you think I might like? Tell me! It could be anything - and hopefully a few will inspire me!

I have about 4 weeks before D-Day. I look forward to hearing your suggestions!


  1. I think it's worth experimenting with your evening makeup and party clothing as much as you like.

    When I turned thirty it was quite difficult for me; I felt as if I was about 10 years behind where I wanted to be in life. Recently I turned 33.

    Best wishes for your birthday,

  2. I'm 22, I can say that when I will turn 30 I would want to look back and think that everything I did was worth it, and that everthing I will do will be even better.
    Someone said: "Do one thing every day, that scares you", but I would only suggest you live your next 10 years even better then you last 10!!
    Best wishes

  3. I'm in the same boat but I figure that we'll always be wanting to do more, be more, have more, etc whether we're 29 or 59. So I suggest collecting as many photographs of yourself during this year as you can, just as a reminder in the future. It might later remind you how far you've come, or how some things will never change, or maybe convince you to revert to your youthful ways... Plus, it will encourage you to just be a part of the world - in it and not just watching it.