Sunday, 28 August 2011

Chanel Peridot

I haven't really splurged for ages... in fact, I think it was probably June the last time I bought something more exciting than basics & today I got rather carried away in Chanel. I popped in for a re-purchase of Rouge Noir (Jane from BB recently said if she was cut open, her dna would be little double 'c's - my blood runs Rouge Noir through & through..) and left with more than I'd intended. *ahem*. Please don't tell my husband.

I will be covering the eyeshadows and 'Quartz' over the next couple of weeks; today is all about Peridot. This picture below just screams 'christmas' at me!!


Like you (probably!) I have seen 100's of blog swatches of Peridot over the last few weeks and had been left completely cold by what I'd seen and so, until today, I hadn't even bothered checking out for myself. I had it marked down as a yucky green (the same way I felt about Paradoxal), metallicy bogey colour that had no place in my strict nail wardrobe of creme black, red & nude. Look how wrong I was!!! Just look at the amazing, gorgeous complexity of this shade! It's stunning!


It's very green/gold on me. I know on some the pay-off can be very yellow (Louise from Get Lippie did not want!). These swatches are all over a clean nail, no base coat, 2 coats of polish with the Chanel top coat as a final layer.


Brush marks are evident very slightly in some lights but generally the application & finish was very smooth & even.




I'm in love. Are you? Have you snapped it up or giving it a miss? Incidently, I also swatched Graphite today and I did not like it. Disappointing, but all the more for you die-hard metallic fans!


  1. Oh i do like that colour" xxx

  2. I've seen this nail polish in so many posts and now you.,I so want it!

  3. still waiting for a cheap dupe of peridot. come on, hurry up guys xx