Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Cosmo Blog Awards!

Most of you will probably have already read at least one other post telling you the annual Cosmo Blog Awards are open for nominations - I hope you don't mind another!


Last January, I started Beauty Blogging Blonde when I was off sick from work long-term for 2 reasons; to keep me busy & to keep my typing skills up for when I eventually had to go back to work. Very quickly, the blog became far more than a hobby for me & since I started, I have met some amazing people, done some fabulous things & even started my own freelance business! This blog is not just a blog, it literally changed my life. I love it and it would be brilliant if you could take a few minutes to head on over to Cosmo & nominate me for an award!

To nominate me you need to do the following...

1) enter your email address
2) enter the URL of this blog which is... http://beautybloggingblonde.blogspot.com
3) select the category 'established beauty blog (more than 18 months)
4) select 'no' where it asks if it is your blog

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in the last 18 months & thanks to anyone who takes the time to nominate me!

Love A xx

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