Sunday, 7 August 2011


2 of our lovely friends got married yesterday & I know how much you bunch enjoy an occasional OOTD post, so here is a bit of a haphazard 'WOOTD'!

My dress first of all was from Phase Eight, currently available in the sale! The draping around the shoulders & tummy areas gave it a really flattering shape (one for the curvier ladies!). I had intended on wearing a watch & had picked out either my gold Michael Kors or white ceramic Fossil. In the end, I completely forgot to pop one on & spent most of the day in a timeless bubble!

My necklace was from Butler & Wilson last year which I actually wore to my own wedding. I love how I can wear it again & again. The shoes were Dorothy Perkins from about 3 years ago - I bought them for my engagement party in 2008!

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 17.19.16

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 17.26.08


I wanted to do something a bit different with my hair; I normally wear it down, big & curly for a 'do'. I watched a few tutorials by Lilith Moon, grabbed a few kirbies & got going!

Screen shot 2011-08-07 at 17.29.17

I started by curling all of my hair using straighteners. I sectioned off the crown & 2 sections at the front & pinned them out the way. I popped the rest of it into a low ponytail and started just randomly pinning curled sections up working around in a circle, basically forming a bun shape. I placed the hairband on in-front of the crown section, but behind the 2 sections at the front. I then backcombed the crown and pinned those curls into the rest of the bun. Next, I twisted small sections on each side of the 2 front sections and pinned the twisted sections around the back, using them to hide the hairband. Et Voila! Took about 20 -30 minutes.



And because I'm so good to you, here's a sneaky snap of the happy couple!



  1. any photos of the complete outfit?

  2. Love your hair here.

    The outfit looks nice and the bride and groom look amazing! Gorgeous pic.


  3. Love the hair - just gorgeous x

  4. Lovely hair, accessories, and dress! Did you get a chance to photograph yourself wearing it?

  5. oh wow love the hair and accessories :)

  6. love the hair, updo's for weddings normally scare me but this is perfect x

  7. Hair is FAB, Wilson & Butler do some stunning statement pieces love yours ! xx

  8. Love ALL of this! Especially the watches, I'm on the hunt for the perfect watch at the moment, but don't really feel like spendings hundreds..
    Your hair looks great also!! So pretty xxx

  9. Your hair looks absolutely stunning, I could never get mine to look like that! Really love the necklace too, you got the perfect bridal look.

  10. Aw amazing Amanda, love how you eventually styled this dress - I remember you tweeting about it a wee while ago. That necklace is a total stunner!

    Gratz again on the weightloss chicka - wish I had your willpower! xxx

  11. You work great! Fabulous and superb post on fashion related terms. The dresses are really beautiful and l like your hair.