Friday, 26 August 2011

Clinique 'The New Black' Fall Collection

I am a leetle late to the party with Clinique's autumn offering as it's been available since August 1st but nonetheless, this collection is GLORIOUS!

The 'New Black' collection has been inspired by the iconic lipstick shade 'Black Honey', with the gorgeous deep berry colours being translated into products for the eyes & cheeks, as well as featuring the original 'almost lipstick'.

This dual-ended lip product features the 'almost lipstick' in Black Honey on one end, with a gorgeous high-shine gloss (also in Black Honey) on the other. The lipstick is not quite a full-on lipstick, its consistency is more balmy with a tint of colour. It appears jet black in the bullet, but its payoff is a gorgeous glossy sheer berry, giving that 'just kissed' effect.

In a similar way, the gloss appears deep dark blood red in the bottle, but is very sheer and worn over the top of the lipstick, provides the perfect effortless red lip. This double ended lip is limited edition (the regular Black Honey lipstick is permanent), so if you want to get your hands on the gloss, get down to your local counter tout de suite.



Thankfully, the product developers at Clinique didn't just chuck a load of dark browns together for this eye quad; it actually features some very beautiful, flattering & easy to wear shades. And with all Clinique products, you can be assured of their quality - the eyeshadows are always guaranteed to be soft & easily blendable, whilst retaining an excellent pay-off. (ps, this is also LE!)


My 2 favourite shades are this gorgeous satin mushroomy peach, 2nd from the left and...

... the stunning rustic, golden brown on the end. I've had a bit of a play with the colours already & these 2 together will look incredible on blue & brown eyes.


My last top pick from this collection is the Brush-On Cream Liner in 'Black Honey'. I have owned & loved the liner in Black for a couple of years & think this shade is going to slot right into my makeup bag. It is much more day-time wearable than black, for those who prefer a much softer line on their eyes. It also has gorgeous gold flecks the whole way through, adding a touch of light. This shade is a permanent addition to the line.




This collection launched on the 1st August and can be found online. Have you already purchased? What's your favourite?


  1. LOVE the look of that palette!

  2. Melaina if you can, definitely pick it up - v versatile, the shades are really gorgeous x

  3. oh gad everything here is super lush xx

  4. I always look as if I have over dosed on pepsi/cola/Dr.P when I wear Black Honey. Like the eye quad though. Thanks for this. Jan

  5. I forgot this had launched! I need to get that eye liner, it's gorrrrgeous, and I want Black Honey too, thanks for the reminder :)

  6. Yes - I bought the lot and wore it more or less non stop daytime on holiday :) Just love it.

  7. this is certainly something different isnt it.. xxx