Sunday, 9 May 2010

Elizabeth Arden 'Double Density' Mascara

I first started using Double Density mascara in 2007, after a week of extreme frustration with a couple of high street brands. I remember saying to the SA ' I want long, individually coated, thick but not clumpy eyelashes' and she placed this in my hand. I assumed she was wearing fake lashes, but she assured me she was only wearing the DD mascara so, at her word, I handed over £14.50 and went home with hope in my heart and a hole in my purse.

It was instant love. This mascara is bloody fabulous! It does everything I asked for, it's not too runny or dry, the brush doesn't tug your lashes (nor is the brush too large so you blob, or too small you need 18 coats) and it's a very deep true black. So I re-purchased and re-purchased until about 8 months ago when I went in for a tube and was advised it was discontinued!!!

Discontinued??? I stared at the SA in disbelief. Why would they do this to me? But, it seemed it was true, so I left empty handed. There are other mascaras I love, such as Benefit Bad Gal Lash and I have a back-up Chanel one, but nothing has ever been as good as the EA one.

Imagine my surprise then, about 2 weeks ago, when I was browsing the EA counter and spotted a full rack of the Double Density boxes! With no-one around to ask, I scooped up a tube and legged it (obviously via the cashdesk...). So, when I got home, I emailed the customer service helpline... Why was I made to suffer so? If I recommend it to my readers, will they suffer the same terrible fate? Or was the SA simply mistaken on the unfortunate day I was at the counter?

I can breathe a sigh of relief though as a very lovely person from EA has confirmed that the SA was mistaken and the mascara is not discontinued! Hurrah!! So, for as much as I do love other mascaras and stand by any time I've said in other posts that they're great, this is truly a HG product and would easily be reinstated as my Desert Island product! Testament indeed. Be warned though, the price has gone up to £19.

Pics show just one coat on natural lashes


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