Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Sleek Makeup 'Nailed' Polish


soooo, what's new? well exams are all over and I am loving it! Have had a couple of days off from work (back on wednesday) and I've been enjoying the sun! Hasn't it been lovely? I've even been learning to like my freckles!

I had been planning on doing a week's worth of blogs this afternoon, but instead I fell asleep in the sun in the garden, but I am now lovely golden brown (no I wasn't wearing an spf, yes I know how bad that is...)

Anyhoo! I promised a couple of reviews of things I'd picked up at the weekend - one of the LE Sleek polish colours included - so here it is! The bottle cost £3.49 and 4 colours were available. I picked up 'pastel pink'.

I've never used any of the Sleek polishes before (as you all know I rarely stray from Nails Inc or Chanel) so didn't really know what to expect. My observations are... The brush is fine, quite firm and easy to control. The polish is very thick and almost a bit gloopy. The colour is great though, 1st coat was minorly streaky, but after it had sat for a few seconds, it evened out. I applied a 2nd coat because, well... I always do!

Overall, very nice. I don't have great expectations for it last more than a couple of days, but the colour is lovely and very summery!

**forgot to say, it dried in seconds and within 10 mins was rock hard!**


  1. For £3.50 it looks a lovely polish.
    Really like the colour!

    Fee x

  2. That's such a pretty colour...I think I could live with a bit of gloopiness for £3.49! :)

  3. Ooh this looks lovely, I will ahve to check out the range. x

  4. looks lovley and i normally buy nails inc or opi...perhaps i need a change..great review x