Friday, 7 May 2010

Smooth Skin Challenge

If you're like me and you're almost getting to the point where the hype about Clarisonic is making you part with enough money to pay a month's rent in your quest for silky radiant skin, then maybe this post will inspire you to delay for another few weeks...
Having read umpteen blogs recently where bloggers have received the kit to try for a few weeks, I had started thinking that one of their buzzing miracles was my only salvation. I only have 15 weeks left til my wedding day and I am feeling distinctly more greasy bumpy bird than radiant bride. However, I spotted a comment by Vex In The City , on one of the aforementioned blogs that gave me pause for thought... I wont quote, but was along the lines that the same effect could probably be achieved using manual high street accessories.
Imagine my delight then, when the following day I was in the Soap and Glory aisle at Boots and I spotted the Face Massage Mini Mitt for only £4! It knew I have tired and sallow skin and I wouldn't be able to resist the very cute, pink pretty packaging. It was almost like S&G read my mind.
It claims to be 'energy boosting' which sounds like exactly what my skin needs. So! I am going to add this little baby into my routine, step up my exoliation with my favourite exfoliator (pictured below and can be bought from Boots for about £9.50) and start glugging down the pints. Of water that is... I plan to do this for 4 weeks; I'll take 'before' pics tomorrow and compare what my skin is like in a month. Wanna join me? Or do you think I should just get my credit card out now and jon the Clarisonic Crew?

Ps... Clarisonic, if you're reading... I have nothing against your new toys, I am mostly just jealous I can't try one. I don't reckon I could get away with adding one as an essential wedding expense...


  1. You could also try a facial brush. I did a post on it not so long ago. Those work out very well. My skin has never looked so good. Don't know why I didn't do it before. Personally I think you can get beautiful radiant glowy skin without the Clarisonic but if they can sponsor you all the better!

  2. Hi Nongoma! Yes, I used to have a facial brush, but I lost it when I moved home a few weeks ago! I should pick one up again, because I agree, very lovely results!

  3. i used a hot cloth cleanser - but i now wanna try a brush ... but can i use a creamy cleanser with a brush!?

  4. Hey Smaira, Yes I guess you can use any cleanser with a facial brush - I used to use Philosophy's Purity with mine and the brush would work it into a lovely lather. I probably wouldn't comibine the brush with an exfoliator cleanser as that might be too harsh to use both at once, but any other creamy, oily or water based cleanser should be fine! x

  5. Hi ya, I think the mitt with the exfoliate will be a tad over stimulating for your skin you know, I would just stick to the facial brush with your regular cleanser.

    Also did you know that QVC have treSonics Facial Cleansing & Massaging System w/ 4 Interchangeable Heads &Stand which costs £36.97 (including postage) which is very similar to Clarisonic, BUT you have the 30 day money back guarantee should you not like it (even if you've used it every day). (I would also like to add that I don't work for QVC). But if you really are interested it might worth giving it a shot ;o)

  6. I love the Soap & Glory mitt, I don't know if it's really 'brightened' my skin at all, but it does feel a bit smoother.

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