Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bobbi Brown & Chanel Brushes

**Warning! Pic Heavy!**

Decided to treat myself to some new brushes... I've used both Chanel and Bobbi Brown brushes in the past (I do already own a few) and I've found them to be reliable, easy to use and stay in top notch condition after washing time and time again. So they were a natural choice for some new investments!

BB Bronzer Brush
Probably my favourite out of the bunch, this has a super chunky handle and is amazingly soft. It's called a bronzer brush, but would be fine as a powder, blush or just as a general face blender.

Retractable Lip Brush
This isn't actually retractable - instead it comes in 2 parts, so when you're finished using it, you just pop it back in it's cap!

Eyeliner Brush
Bobbi Brown actually do a couple of really nice liner brushes. This is a firm, flat synthetic brush that would be suitable for lining both wet & dry, could probably be used for applying concealer to blemishes and for applying cream eyeshadows.

Eyebrow Brush
Super stiff angled brush for filling eyebrows. Made from goat hair, this would not be suitable for using on the eye area as it would be too scratchy, but it will be great for shaping brows!

Foundation Brush

Chanel Synthetic Concealer Brush
This will be a general brush for creamy eye products for me. It's beautifully soft so will be great for concealing around the eye area.

Mascara Spooly/Brow Comb

Random new pot of gel liner from Clinique!


  1. A really lovely selection of brushes. I often look at getting more brushes (I'm currently admiring the Louise Young tapered eyeshadow brush) but get sucked in by pretty colours instead. Great brushes can make such a big difference though when it comes to looking polished.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Jane x

  2. I've got a load of Bobbi Brown brushes and my fave has to be the blusher brush. I definitely recommend it! xx

  3. I have never had much success with BB brushes, I find them a bit big for my face, especially the eye shadow brushes - my problem is that I like makeup brushes as things, objects of beauty, it sort of helps me to kid myself that I know what I am doing makeup wise, when in all honesty I am to darned lazy to use them properly! Thanks for the post and pics. Jan

  4. Jane - I have a few LY brushes and they are lovely quality.

    Jan - I know what you mean! x

  5. thanks for sharing - love all the brushes xxxx

  6. Lovely blog! Such a nice review. Really helpful :) Definitely following your blog now.
    Hope you stop by and visit my blog too :)

    Good day! ^_^