Saturday, 30 October 2010

Primark Makeup

Ummm, not sure where to start with this post...

Ok - I was wanting to try some 'budget' products, just to check them out - I'm always a bit wary of becoming a full on product snob and thought I'd start in Primark!

Stashed away where their normal basic-y products are, was this kooky little collection, everything was about £2-£2.50 each. The packaging was very cool, so I bought the products below.

A bargain is only a bargain if you like it and will use it! so, even at £2 a pop, I can't say these are a bargain, because the products are hideous. I actually filmed a tutorial using them, but had to give up half way through because the results were so so awful....

This is the worst smelling lipgloss ever. I can't even talk about any other of it's qualities as it only stayed on my lips for about 4 seconds. It smells kind of like that farm-y poo smell, mixed with a bit of rape-seed whiff. Nice. I actually think I'm going to need a shower...

(the tube actually has a mirror and a light on the inside which is kind of cool)

Like the lipgloss, this eyeliner only had 1 colour choice (if they were only going to do one colour, why not black?!)

The colour pay-off was bad - I had to drag it over and over my lash line to get any colour and it was not soft enough to use on the waterline.

This bronzer/blush duo is kind of ok. The pink is quite nice as a highlighter, but the bronzer is bright yellow when applied. Not good.

This is a waterproof mascara, with a wand on the other end which contains a corrector gel. Out of everything, the corrector gel was actually quite good. The mascara on the other hand, was thin and the tube was so short, it was awkward to apply. As I managed to take the mascara off easily with no rubbing, using a basic wipe, I don't think it would be particularly waterproof either.

These 4 products cost about £10 in total. If you are on a budget, I would recommend putting your tenner into 1 or 2 better quality high street brands, such as MUA, Sleek or 17.

Primark would be better investing some of their £2.50 per product into the actual product and worry about their packaging later!


  1. I'd still really like to see the video...maybe not a tutorial, but just swatches? obviously you have the pictures but swatches would be really interesting to see!

  2. I've never tried any primark makeup, and after this I don't think I want to! haha
    ELF products are only £1.50 and some of them are gems!!


  3. Have to agree that a bargain is only a bargain if you use it. Shame they didn't work out. Like the pop art graffic on the packaging though. Thanks for this, I love your pics, really close up - macro lens? Jan x

  4. Eeek thanks for the warning lol!

  5. I got a MUA eyeshadow on your recommendation and it is amazing! I also got 2 MAC shadows and the MUA shadow is better pigmented than those by far. Unfortunately Primark make-up doesn't fit into the same category!

  6. i feel a bit bad about this post - I didn't buy the stuff with the intention of saying it's crap, I'm genuinely disappointed and it's a shame as there are other good budget brands out there, like ELF.

    @Adele - glad you like the MUA shadows, I have been seriously impressed with them! Think I will do a vid with them soon.

    @Jan Yes, the packaging is ace and it's what attracted me to these particular items, rather than the standard basic range primark has. Thanks for the pic love - I'm just using a digital camera (lumix) with a normal lens. Not sure what I'm doing really!

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