Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sleek Bad Girl Palette

As per usual, Sleek have produced (for the 'cheap at twice the price' price of £5.99) a fabulous little palette of 12 eyeshadows, combining a range of shimmers & mattes, lights & darks.

The palette ticks all the boxes (the shadows even have names now!) but I now have 5 Sleek palettes and I'm starting to lose interest.

If this would be your 1st Sleek palette, it's a brilliant one to start with as it has everything you need to create a variety of dramatic looks and caters for all different eye colours & tones. I'm just feeling a bit 'meh' as the novelty, for me, is wearing off! I'm sure I'll use it though... I'll try get a FOTD done soon using it.


A x


  1. This is nearly exactly the same as the Graphite palette so I am giving it a miss. Good for those that wanted that one and didn't get it though!

  2. I only own the Original one, so of course I want Bad Girl !! It's nice that they gave names to the eyeshadows! :)


  3. I have 2 sleek pallete, but i just cant get them to work on me. I dont suffer from oily eyelids at all, in general i have fair dry skin, but the sleek eye shadows never stay put! I've used primers with them but they just move and slide around within minutes of putting them on. I know shimmery eyeshadows usually have less staying power, but even the matte shadows slip and slide all over my face! Not good!

  4. This looks really pretty. But I am with you. Lost interest in the palettes a while back. They are a great value though!!