Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Coco Beau Pro 'The Big Fat Firm Foundation Brush'


Coco Beau's very own Big Fat Firm Foundation Brush!

I got an email last week from the perky peeps down at Coco Beau HQ revealing that they have been squirrelling away developing this bad boy and would I like one to try... Um, Hell Yeah!!

So here it is! The brush handle is massively chunky, which is just as well, as the head is HUGE! This is it pictured next to a MAC 190 for comparison...

I've tried to capture the dimensions of the brush as best I can - the brush head does taper, but it's very thick; not 'flat' like a traditional brush. The bristles are super dense and as a result, the brush gives the foundation more of a flawless 'buffed' finish rather than a flat (or streaky!) finish that you can sometimes get with a brush like the 190.

I just gave my face a once over with this to see how much surface area it could cover and I'm not kidding, my foundation was fully in place in about 10 seconds flat, no streaks or patchy areas.

I am seriously impressed with this brush - it is taking 1st place above my MAC 190 and my Louise Young foundation brush. LOVE. IT.

This will be available to purchase at Coco Beau from 28th October and will be £29.75


  1. This looks perfect, I do think that foundation brushes could be more dense, any that I have used beit BB/Smashbox/MAC, they do tend to streak the product despite what others say. When I can be bothered to use a brush I have had good success with the ELF pro powder brush but because it has a flat top, it can be a bit cheek unfriendly. Thanks for this, great post and pics. Jan

  2. this looks amazing ... I usually use a kind of stippling brush (usually the 187) - and have never really 'painted' on my base, but I could be seriously tempted by this :)

    a x

  3. I got an email about this brush earlier. I was really intrigued but wasn't quite sure about the actual dimesions. The photo next to the MAC 190 is really helpful in showing how big it really is. I've never really got on with foundation brushes but wonder if I might fair better with this is it gives a less streaky finish? Another brush to add to the list ;)
    Jane x

  4. oh i really really want this..thanks for the picture against the 190 brush..i think i'll have to treat myself..bye the loving your youtube've done some beautiful looks...would you be able to do a bridal

  5. This looks interesting! I have sort of gone against foundation brushes for the mean time and am sticking with my fingers, I just feel like I can layer and fix streaks much easier! I watched your video where you used this and was surprised how quickly your foundation was applied! I kind of thought "wow thats gonna be streak city up close" but no... you looked purdy flawless to me! :D