Sunday, 10 October 2010

Guest Post - Liquid Gold


With my YouTube channel taking up quite a lot of my time at the moment, I've asked guest blogger, Lisa to step up for me again and here she has, with another fab post...

At home Glycolic Treatment

Alpha-H is hugely popular Australia brand of salon quality products, which few of us in the UK will probably have heard of ....unless like me you’re an avid QVC fan. It was whilst watching my beloved QVC a couple of months ago that I was whole heartedly sucked into buying a starter set from the brand, containing their hero product and the subject of this blogpost: ‘Liquid Gold’. Sounds good ay? Liquid Gold is basically an at home chemical peel lotion containing a low dose of the magic glycolic ingredient Glycolic Acid is a gentle fruit acid that works by breaking down the bonds holding dead skin cells together making it much easier to slough these cells off and reveal the lovely plump new ones waiting beneath. The product claims include an improvement in the appearance of skin pigmentation, wrinkles and scarring, as well as smoother firmer skin tone and healthy glow. Hurrah!

As per the instructions, you wipe the lotion onto cleansed skin using cotton pad and then go to bed. It’s that simple. It smells a bit like 100% proof alcohol (not that nice) and has a very slight tingle on application (which on first use was a bit more like a severe stinging), however this dissipates as your skin becomes tolerant to it. Ah well, no pain, no gain!

So did it work? Well, I wouldn’t say it’s done much for my areas of pigmentation, which is disappointing as these are areas that concern me most. That said though, it has definitely given my skin a rather wonderful dewy glow as well as a lovely smooth texture it hasn’t had in years. QVC, once again you didn’t let me down!


  1. I have nearly bought this a few times now, the idea of a dewy glow definitely appeals, so I may go for it!

  2. Hi it's Lisa! Yeah, honestly, i'd say it's worth a try. I'm really quite impressed, and am continuing to see improvements the more i use it! Just don't use it more than 3 times a week and not on consectutive nights either (that may too harsh). Oh, just FYI, on the alternate nights I use Estee Lauder Adavanced Night Repair.