Monday, 8 March 2010

Make-Up Bag Essentials - Non Make-Up Items! Part 3

I know the following products aren't technically make-up, they are still cosmetic to a degree and I wouldn't go anywhere without them, so decided they could be included in the Essentials series. Plus, it's my blog, so I can do what I like!

(see Part 1 and Part 2)
Chanel Coco Mademoiselle
This perfume put an end to my never-ending hunt for my HG scent. This perfume makes little old men tell me in lifts how nice I smell and it makes me smile whenever I spray it. It's a beautiful light sweet floral scent; a classic 'grown-up' sophisticated floral, without smelling like your gran. It's an all time favourite and I haven't worn any other pefume in about 4 years.

Elnett Hairspray
This is a product I have been using for so long, I can't even pinpoint when, where or why I would've selected it. It's just always been there!

You've all seen Penelope Cruz and Claudia Schiffer sporting ridiculously high 'up-dos' to show off the flexible, super hold of Elnett hairsprays, and you've probably thought, yeah yeah, it'll still make my hair sticky, stiff and helmety. This really wont. I can't speak for the other hairsprays in the Elnett range, having only ever used the flexible hold (the white can), but seriously this stuff is amazing.

I have super fine hair and I can cover my head with this stuff, brush it out and still have lovely soft, shiny hair. The hold is also brilliant. What more could you want? I usually get through at least 1 of the biggest cans each month, with a small can in my handbag for emergencies. Love it!


Last, but not least, is my little lip saviour. Blistex (formerly known as Blisteze -when will this stop appearing on the packet??) do an amazing medicated healing lip cream. I think it's probably more geared towards those poor souls who suffer from coldsores (never had one and live in daily fear of one appearing), but it works brilliantly on dry, chapped lips, particularly on winter battered or flu-ridden lips. The little mentholy tingle is pleasant and within 2 or 3 applications, all the little sore cuts will have started to heal.

I have about half a dozen of these wee tubes kicking about in the bottom of various handbags, drawers and of course - one in my make-up kit!


  1. hey Amanda, love the new layout =D

    Chanel Coco Mad is delicious, wish it weren't so expensive, bah xxx

  2. Thanks chick! Yeah, I usually manage to replenish my stocks at birthdays & xmas. x

  3. That's my fave perfume. I wore it on my wedding day with the body lotion. I've lost my bottle though :(

  4. my non-make up essentials are hair serum, ghost cherish perfume, and vaseline!