Friday, 19 March 2010

A quick update...

Good evening gorgeous dollies

I mentioned a few days ago that Mac and I are moving; well that's now less than a week away and I am still ferverently working on getting my dissertation & other uni work finished before next week, so I can concentrate on packing. In addition, I have now gone back to work (yay!) so am still trying to tease the technicalities of how to balance work, house, uni, wedding and blogging. So while I try and establish some kind of Blog/Life balance, I thought I'd introduce you to 2 lovely ladies (assuming you don't already read their blogs!)...

Mizz Worthy and Le Salon De Beaute both have fabulous blogs but also very cute youtube channels, with tutorials, tips, reviews etc. So check them out! (but don't forget about me...)

Click here for LeSalonDeBeaute or here for Mizz Worthy.

That is all.

A xx


  1. Oh thank you so so so much - I really appreciate this xxx

  2. well, it's only true and more people should know about your channels! xx